FAQ  – Wholesale Shea Butter – All you need to know 

If you plan to send an inquiry for raw, unrefined, grade A  wholesale shea butter from Ghana, please read the following orientational FAQ.

Who makes Shea Butter and How is it made?

Shea butter in Ghana is made by Ghanian women near Tamale village. It is handmade process from start to end product. You can read more about the process here: Making Shea Butter in Ghana 

If interested how it all began, check out the  Wholesale Raw Shea Butter Sustainable story and how it all began! 

Am I buying wholesale shea butter from Safari Junkie?

No, once you submit the inquiry on Safari Junkie, your communication will be directly with supplier that will provide you with rates, terms, logistics info and if you decide to buy, you buy straight from supplier. Safari Junkie is happy to provide the connection with the source due to their ethical vision and fairly traded practices and of course great quality of raw shea butter!

What variety of Shea butter is available for wholesale?

Grade A raw  unrefined shea butter from Ghana,  which is the standard for the best quality. Grade A shea butter is  extracted using water.

What types of shea butter are available for wholesale purchase?

You can choose between ivory raw shea butter and yellow shea butter with burututu extract.

Is shea butter food grade certified?

Supplier didn’t seek food grade certification for now as main market are cosmetic industry buyers, yet shea butter in West Africa is culinary ingredient used in baking, cooking, chocolates etc.. . It has an EU certificate Natural Cosmetics.


Do I get any documentation along with purchase of bulk, wholesale shea butter from Ghana?

Yes.  In EU, due to strict regulations, documentation and compliance of cosmetic ingredient is a must! The shea  butter passed all analysis and quality control, required for distribution in European market, is registered in EU cosmetics registry and buyer receives enclosed  documentation along with MSDS with the purchase. 

Pricing and weight metrics of wholesale shea butter

Supplier operates with Euro currency and each inquiry will be quoted in Euros and metric system of Kilos, metric tons. Those who are not familiar with EUR currency can use online conversion rate in order to get an idea of the pricing but invoice will be issued in EUR, weight designation of order in kilos or metric tons.

Does Supplier have Warehouse in EU?

Yes! Eu buyers save on custom taxes!

Is it possible to order PRIVATE LABEL packaging with Raw Shea Butter Order? 

Yes it is possible. Private label orders – you order shea butter packaged in high quality alu black tins. These orders are possible for minimum 50 kilos up to 500 Kilos and are shipped from European warehouse. Availability depends on stock.

Cans are  size  100 ml (cca 3.52 oz)  no label black elegant  alu can ( shape: circular,  dimensions of a can – size: radius 8 cm (or 3,14 inch), height 3 cm (1,18 inch). 

Private label  shea butter packaging is great for those buyers who dont want to waste time with packaging process.  Without loosing time with packaging, all you have to do , print your own brand labels and start selling.  Order private label here: Private Label Shea Butter 

private label organic raw shea butter wholesale Ghana


What is minimum order of wholesale shea butter?

Minimum order of shea butter is 50 kilos for EU based clients and 500 Kilos fro non EU buyers. Maximum order 20 metric tons which equals one ship container.

Worldwide Shipping of Wholesale Shea Butter

Supplier ships worldwide. Orders below one metric ton can be shipped from Europe, while one metric ton and more is sent from Ghana by ship cargo.

Orders under one metric ton shipped from Europe – supplier always tries to find the easiest, cost effective shipping solution for each customer. EU Buyers can choose to arrange land transport with pick up in EU warehouse or air shipping.  Buyer is  always responsible for destination fees, custom taxes, fees in their country.

Packaging of  wholesale raw shea butter

Unrefined  grade A wholesale shea butter is packaged in plastic bags and put into  cardboard boxes, a  sticker with relevant details (company details, weight, expiry date, batch number etc.) is added to each box. The usual packaging of unrefined shea butter  is 25 kg box, but in case of smaller quantities, the packaging will be adjusted to the ordered quantity.

Is it possible to buy refined shea butter from Ghana?

No. This is completely separate chemical process that has nothing to do with production of shea butter. Once you buy raw unrefined shea butter you should find a refinery of your choice in your region or area. Supplier can ship  unrefined Shea Butter, that you have ordered  to any refinery of your choice in Europe under certain conditions.  This applies only to EU buyers. Americans, and  buyers from the rest of the world should be able to take care of refining process on their own.

Is it possible to get any other natural products from West Africa?

On request, depending on availability,  supplier can get you following products from West Africa:

  • Baobab Oil
  • Hibiscus Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Black soap
  • Moringa Oil
  • Cocoa Butter