Wholesale Unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana

If you are looking for wholesale unrefined grade A shea butter straight from Ghana, you’ve come to the right place. Safari Junkie teamed up with Katja, who is cooperating with local shea cooperative in Ghana and founded her business based on fair trade in Slovenia and Ghana. Get to know more below. 

Organic shea butter is made in women’s cooperative in Chanzegu village in Tamale, Northern Ghana. It is a newly launched cooperative that is based on fair production and trade. It strives for making organic and high-quality raw shea butter as well as for partially economic independence of female producers.

The main advantage is personal contact and direct collaboration with women with no middle men, which ensures higher (fair) payment for women, manufacturing and quality traceability and transparent working conditions.  

Besides organic certified, high quality and luxury retail of shea butter, we are also suppliers of wholesale shea butter directly from Ghana or, if in smaller quantities, we can ship it from Europe to reduce the shipping costs for shea buyers.

How did Shea Butter Wholesale Story  Started?

Back in the beginning of 2016,  Katja from Slovenia, teamed with a small group of shea butter producers in a village in Northern Ghana, while doing an ethnographic research on polygamy for her studies. Living within a rural community for months gave her the opportunity to integrate with locals, mostly women and kids. Meanwhile doing a research, Katja got to know all about the shea butter, since processing and selling shea butter is the main and only income for most of women in rural Northern Ghana region.

Katja  was curious about every step of processing and women were so excited to show her how shea butter is made. The shea butter processing is physically demanding and complex since it is still made in a traditional way, using hands only, which ensures better quality of shea butter. 

After spending so much time with women, they started to trust her and took an initiative to collaborate with her in shea butter export.  After returning back home to Europe, she quickly started working on a deep research about different aspects of raw  shea butter: from process, market and competition, quality, usage, fair trade etc.  

Wholesale Organic Shea Butter From Ghana 

Shea Butter Women’s Cooperative in Ghana

Since the beginning of her collaboration in 2016, she has been returning to the village (where the  shea butter cooperative is based) twice a year, continuing building up  bonds of friendship and professional relationship with maintaining the cooperative and its working conditions.

The cooperative is relatively small, and so far there is no plans to  increase the number of its members. By keeping it small, we can build more trust among each other, control the quality better and prevent it from becoming an industry-like production.

Also, the purpose and goal of this collaboration  is to give the women involved in shea butter production a certain level of freedom, to avoid the paternalistic attitude and to ensure a better living conditions for them and their families.  


Unrefined Raw Shea Butter Quality – Grade A, Organic With MSDS Documentation

Shea butter is pure, raw and unrefined with no chemicals or additives. This West African shea butter is grade “A”,  (which means by calcification that raw or unrefined, extracted using water) organic and has all required documentation, such as MSDS, natural cosmetics certificate, chemical and microbiological analysis that are required by strict EU legislation. 

You are ensured to get locally sourced, fresh unrefined shea butter of best quality – grade A –  as we make sure to fully provide traceability in manufacturing and quality. 

You can buy bulk shea butter from Ghana in different types: ivory and yellow. Ivory unrefined shea butter is  light beige coloured with nutty aroma and the yellow shea butter one is bright yellow coloured due to added natural bark and roots of medical borututu tree extract  in production process.

Both types of shea butter have specific scent which means that our shea butter is unrefined and no chemical process was done afterwards.  


Clinical Properties of Unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana

Without a Class A rating, shea butter will not have the full complement of healing benefits that manufacturers are interested in purchasing. 

Quantities and Packaging  of Wholesale Shea Butter 

The minimum order for   wholesale organic shea butter from Ghana quantity is 500 kg of unrefined shea butter  and the maximum wholesale shea butter order is 20 metric tons (cca. 44290 lb).  European clients based in Europe can order smaller minimum order which is 50 kilos.

Unrefined  grade A wholesale shea butter is packaged in plastic bags and put into boxes, a  sticker with relevant details (company details, weight, expiry date, batch number etc.) is added to each box. The usual packaging of unrefined shea butter  is 25 kg box, but in case of smaller quantities, the packaging will be adjusted to the ordered quantity.

You can read even more in FAQ section: Wholesale shea butter FAQ

Worldwide Shipping of Wholesale Shea Butter  

Estimated production time of unrefined wholesale shea butter depends on the quantity, but should not be longer than 1 month for large quantities of unrefined shea butter orders. Estimated shipping time and costs  depend on destination and shipping service (air or ship). Up to one metric  ton ( cca. 2204,62 lb) of unrefined shea butter can be shipped from EU warehouse, while orders above one metric  ton are shipped from Ghana.  

MAY 2019 – Preorder the shea butter from upcoming fresh season in JUNE! Applicable for orders above one metric ton!

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Inquire Bulk Wholesale Shea Butter from Ghana

  • INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter
  • Country of Origin: Ghana
  • CAS Number: 194043-92-0 / 91080-23-8
  • Quality: grade A (unrefined)
  • Documentation: compliant with EU standards
  • MSDS: available
  • Worldwide shipping: yes
  • Minimum order quantity: 500 kilos for non EU countries, 50 kilos for orders within European Union
  • Max order quantity: 20 metric tons