Luxury Resorts on Zanzibar

 Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel is actually closed resort with great location. It”s the last hotel in Nungwi that makes it very exclusive and private in terms of tranquility. You can book bungalows with sea view or garden suites (see video) that are slightly cheaper. When booking a sea view bungalow keep in mind that Zanzibar can be very windy and you will not be able to sit on expensive veranda and enjoy sea view due to hard wind and sand in the air.

Very clean, almost sterile Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel offers the entire commodity you can”t find in cheaper budget hotels. Spa, lounge room, swimming pool, hot water, free Wi-Fi, free library. Ras Nungwi guests are mostly honeymooners and families. Locals are not allowed to step on the hotels property; they have their own security guards on the beach.

For the price (400 USD per night) only breakfast was included, dinner charged separately between 30 – 40 USD per person. Since this hotel was just a two night luxury splurge after weeks spent on dusty roads, it felt great; nevertheless I found it boring on the second day. Staff is friendly and working, however the ones who serve the meals seemed to be very tip driven and the service and their friendliness depends on the tip you give them.

Their shuttle to Stone Town costs 100 USD.  You can pay with credit card, USD, EUR or even Tanzanian Shilings. If you are cash person, make sure you withdraw cash in Stone Town, as there is no ATM in Nungwi. If you want to save money with transfer book your ride back with neighboring hotel Sazani Beach that offers it for 60 USD. In addition Ras Nungwi has its own diving center where you can book diving trips. If you are a resort person you will probably like it a lot. If you want a feeling that you are actually on holidays on Zanzibar in Africa and if you want to interact with locals, book on Eastern Coast.