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uganda flagWhat to do in Uganda

Uganda – Pearl of Africa

So far, Uganda is not as besieged by tourists as its neighbours Tanzania or Kenya. Great for those, who want to have a bit more authentic experience. Savannahs in the north, forests and green hills in the west, source of river Nile from Victoria lake in the center and many many more.

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It is one of the most biologically diverse countries in Africa. Uganda is the most famous for trekking mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Although safaris are not as rich as the ones in Tanzania, big five can still be spotted in Uganda. Once visiting Uganda, one would quickly understand and agree with its synonym, given by Winston Churchill: Pearl of Africa. Let’s explore one of the safest countries in Africa with extemely friendly and open people!

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  • Chimppanzee trekking in Kibale National Park
  • Gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park
  • White Water Rafting in the river Nile (Jinja)
  • Chilling out on the Ssese islands on the Victoria Lake
  • Safari to Murchison Falls National Park
  • Trekking the Rwenzori Mountains
  • Hike Fort Portal and volcano lakes
  • Visit the largest manyata in East Africa (Karamoyo region, for avid travellers only)
  • Visit drum workshop
  • Walks to the Sipi Falls
  • Visit Entebbe Botanical Gardens
  • Visiting pastoral Karamojong ethnic-group in the north
  • Volunteering
  • Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi
  • Straddling the Equator
  • Visit tea plantations
  • Walk with the rhinos in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

When is The Best Time To Visit Uganda

Climate in Uganda is quite pleasant all year round. Especially in the west/south you can expect some chilly mornings and temperature around 25°C during the day.

There are two rainy seasons: from March to May and from September to November; the second one is more mild with less rain than the first one.

If you are very passionate about safaris, then you should rather avoid rainy season from March to May.

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Best Months to Visit Uganda 

  • Best time for gorilla trekking in Uganda are dry seasons: January-February and June-September.
  • Best time for safaris and wildlife spotting is the end of dry season: either late February either late September/early October. At that time, animals are concentrated around water sources.
  • Best time for bird watching is virtually all year round. But, since some bird species migrate from November to April, during this time much more birds can be seen.
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December to February, June to August
rainy season


March to May
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Good to Pack for Uganda

There are some essentials that are always useful to  have  in your bag when travelling in Uganda.

  • head lamp will save you every time there will be electricity cut, and believe us, it will be!
  • solar charger for gadgets and cameras is perfect saviour when hiking in remote areas and of course, again every time there is power cut.
  • Deet mosquito repellant
  • hand sanitizers or disinfection spray
  • Sun  cream with high protection factor
  • UV protective cap
  • all copies of your travel documents, including  travel insurance policy, passport, visa,
  • UK socket converter. The plug type used there is Plug G (British, three-pin plug).  Electric power is 220V – 240V, 50 cycles.

  • For women: better to carry enough of tampons and sanitary pads with you since they are not either available everywhere either are very expensive.

  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate. Sometimes tourists can be asked to show it at the border or at the airport.

  • Malaria profilaxis

  • Sleeping bag. If you are traveling as a backpacker, sleeping bag is always a must.

  • Waterproof jacket. For chilly mornings, rainy days and mountain areas.

  •  Guide books, map etc.

  • Credit/bank card and some cash as well.

  • Mosquito net. Good to have, but you can always buy it there.

  • Toilet paper. If you are not planning to travel luxuriously, than it may happen that hotel and restaurants where you will stay will not offer toilet paper on the toilets.

  • Travel towel. Small, light, quckly drying – this microfiber towel is perfect for travelig practically anywhere!

  • Scarf. Especially for women, useful in many different ways.

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Eat Like A Local  – Must Try Foods and Drinks

Ugandan cuisine is not very diverse, but considering the fact that is influenced by Arab, English and Indian characteristics of food, it can be a challenge for every traveller. Fruits, plantains and other vegetables are very widespread all over the country, meat is also used in cuisine, but much less consumed in rural areas. Beans, groundnuts sauce, stew, meat or fish are usually combined with posho, matooke or sweet potato.

Chapati – Indian flatbread, often filled with eggs, onions, tomatoes, cabbage and therefore called rolex.

Matooke – boiled or cooked mashed plantain or green banana.

Posho (ugali) – usually made from maize flour.

Sweet potato

Groundnuts sauce

Samosa – fried pastry, filled with vegetables and/or meat (originally from India).

Porridge – usually made from millet. Very common breakfast among children in rural areas.

Malewa – dish, made from bamboo shoots, can be found in Eastern part of Uganda

Luwombo – a very traditional Ugandan dish, consisted of any type of meat, steamed in banana leaves.

Nswaa – fried white ants are quite popular snack

Waragi – very strong homemade gin