Waterfall Adventure in Uganda

For hiking enthusiasts and landscape lovers, the Sipi Falls is a top destination for a visit for a day of adventure in Uganda. The Sipi  Falls comprise of three different waterfalls of the Sipi River as it flows over cliffs in the foothills of Mountain Elgon. Between the waterfalls are communities and Arabica coffee plantations which is the main crop grown in this area.

Full Day Tour to Sipi Falls from Kampala

Sipi Falls is located 4 – 5 hours drive from Kampala. Set off time is at 7 am with pick-up from the hotel or residence in Kampala. Take the Kampala – Jinja highway to eastern Uganda, crossing through Mabira rainforest, and the River Nile in Jinja are some of the most fascinating features along the way.

travel with a local in Uganda hike to Sipi falls

Before the hike to Sipi Falls  we pick some walking sticks from the local boys and actually take one of them to accompany on the trek. This one way of supporting the community to benefit from the visits. The hiking trail to cover all the three waterfalls is roughly 7 – 8 km and takes on average three hours to complete however depending on the pace and fitness.

We shall set out to hike to the top most waterfall which is also the second tallest flowing at 85 meters. The walking trail overlaps with the village paths which offers an insight into the livelihoods of the local populace. The trail goes through coffee farms where you will also get familiar a little bit coffee  growth and local processing methods.

There are some shrubs that are used by the locals for medicine to cure ailments such as cough and flue.

travel with a local in Uganda hike to Sipi falls

Reach the waterfall and get near to the plunge pool to sooth away the fatigue and sweat with the cool breeze and cold splashes. Almost mid-way this waterfall there is a trail that cuts into the cliff. Climb to it to access wonderful views behind the waterfall. This waterfall is also a great view point to distant scenery of the Karamoja plains.

After spending a moment begin the descend to the next two waterfalls. The next one located mid-way is the smallest, measuring 75 meters. This waterfall has a small cave behind it where you can relax and enjoy the splendour and wonderful views of lush Kapchorwa and slopes of Mountain Elgon.


travel with a local in Uganda hike to Sipi falls


After this waterfall you shall have a meal at the lodge nearby and after a brief relaxation descend to the last and main waterfall measuring 100 meters. This is the icon of the Sipi  and often mistaken to be the actual Sipi Falls without taking into consideration the other two waterfalls.

It is also quite challenging to access but on reaching down to the pool you shall be in awe of the splash and rainbow that cuts through on the sunny day. The plunge pool is referred to as the natural swimming pool and one can take a swim in the cold waters.

For adventurous folks, abseiling is also available at this waterfall. After spending a quality adventure, return to the find the car and drive off to Kampala arriving late evening.

Tour duration to Sipi Falls: 6 hours,  Price includes: guiding, transport from Kampala to Sipi Falls and back, lunch and entrance fees.


Sipi falls hike Uganda

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travel with a local in uganda hike to sipi falls

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