Guide to Air Travel in Uganda

Unlike Tanzania for example, in Uganda there are at the moment only two airlines operating domestic flights: Aerolink and Eagle Air.  Air Uganda ceased their operations in 2014.

Getting around in Uganda by air is safe and straight forward. Despite low number of domestic airlines Uganda is well connected regionally as well as internationally.

Flights from Tanzania to Entebbe

Tanzanian low cost carrier Fastjet operates flights to Entebbe –  one way starting from 50 USD excluding taxes. Getting by air to Uganda from Kenya is more on the expensive side, but Option is qith Kenya Airways.

Charter flights to national parks can also be booked with Coastal Aviation. Entebbe to Murchinson falls, Kibale Forest, Queen Elisabeth National Park and Bwindi.

Although currently suspended, Precission Air used to operate flights to Entebbe from Dar es Salaam. Worth checking on their website.

Hub for air travel in Uganda is International Airport which is situated in Entebbe. Local carriers fly daily to Ugandan national parks for reasonable price.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi or safari in Ugandan National parks are accessible by air in less than two hours. Both airlines use small aircraft. Occasional downside of air travel in Uganda is the weather, that can cause cancelled flights or delays. Flights to Kisoro operated by Aerolink, are strictly only in the morning in order to assure travel air safety.

Within the country, other than flying to national park airstrips, air travel  in Uganda is limited.

Luggage allowance with small aircrafts is usually 15 kilos, (33 lbs) appreciated soft bags!


Aerolink Travel Routes in Uganda

aerolink uganda flights routes

The Only Fully Operational Airline in Uganda

Aerolink Uganda is connecting Ugandan National Parks with Entebbe Airport. Along with scheduled flights they also operate charter flights.


Daily Flights to National Parks in Uganda

As for 2015, there are daily flight available to all Ugandan national parks.

Flights from Entebe to Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest:

  • Kisoro
  • Kihihi

Flights from Entebe to Queen Elisabeth National Park:

  • Kasese / Mweya

Important note:

  • Kisoro has a surcharge of USD 70 per person and strickly morning flights only due to weather conditions
  • Aflight to Murchinson FAlls, Kidepo Valley and Semuliki National Park will  operate only  with minimum of 4 passangers

AeroLink Uganda is affiliated to Airkenya Express in Kenya and Regional Air Services in Tanzania.

flights to national parks uganda

Price range $$ -$$$

Eagle Air Travel Routes in Uganda

Eagle Air website is a little outdated, its best to consult travel agents in Uganda for accurate information. However, Eagle air should operate scheduled flights between Entebbe and Gulu, Arua and YEI airport.

There are no scheduled flights to Ugandan National Parks. Airline offers charter flights to national parks on request.


eagle air uganda flights


Price range: $$ – $$$$


Safari Charter Flights From Entebbe to National Parks in Uganda

Tanzanian Coastal air that prides themself as  safari air company operates flights from Entebbe to:

  • Kibale Forest
  • Queen Elisabeth National Park
  • Bwindi
  • Murchinson Falls National Park

Flights connecting Entebbe and Tanzania exist in their booking system, however looks like they dont operate  all of them on scheduled basis. According to Coastal Aviation booking system you can book flights to Entebbe from:

  • Arusha Airport
  • Kilimanjaro Airport
  • Lake Manyara Airstrip
  • Mwanza
  • 9 Airstrips within Serengeti National Park
  • Tarime

Looks like there are no direct flights to Entebbe, for example booking a flight from Arusha Airport to Entebbe will take 5 hours of air travel. Plane stops 12 times before landing in Entebbe. See below:

flights from tanzania to entebbe airport



Price range: $$ – $$$