Chemka Springs aka Kikuletwa Hot Springs Adventure

Rundugai Village is perfect place to explore for travelers to Tanzania looking for authentic adventures. Located between Moshi and Arusha makes it perfect gateway to explore the off beaten roads leading to mesmerizing paradise of Kikuletwa Hot Springs and while being there a visit to real Maasai Village is a must.

Those not limited with time may also choose to overnight with a local lady and spend some time with locals in remote Rundugai Village to learn about daily life in rural Tanzania.


Rundugai Village is located 40 kilometers from Moshi Town and about 25 kilometers from Kilimanjaro Airport. If you are close to Boma Town, only 10 kilometers of off road drive separates you from memorable experience in Tanzania.


Kikuletwa Hot  Springs  Swimming with Delicious Local Lunch

Swim in Paradise and Taste Local Tanzanian Food

Kikuletwa Hot Springs, also called Chemka Maji Moto among locals is probably the most exciting place to swim in Tanzania. Kikuletwa Hot spring being surrounded by amazing roots of fig trees looks like a hidden paradise. This place is never crowded by people, and the chances are, you will have the natural pool just for yourself!

Although called hot spring, water in Kikuletwa is not hot, but rather refreshing since the water comes from Kilimanjaro mountain.

kikuletwa hot springs chemka maji moto tour-tanzania trips from Arusha and Moshi

Having a swimsuit is a must! A swimming tour in Kikuletwa hot springs will not leave you hungry. After the fun we go and have cooked local lunch in Rundugai village prepared by local ladies.

kikuletwa hot springs tour with tanzania local meal

Kikuletwa hot springs tour With a local guide


Visit Real Maasai Village

In Tanzania there are many artificial Maasai villages for tourists, but if you are looking for real thing, then Maasai Village near Rundugai is the place to come and visit.


real maasai village tour tanzania


In real Maasai village there will be a number of activities to participate with Masai families. But don’t have any expectations. We will be permitted to enter their village. Be respectful guest and don’t take pictures without permission. On the visit you will have a chance to mingle with real Maasai, but how much they open up to you depends on your social skills.



real maasai village tour tanzania with local guide


Daily life without water in Maasai Boma means fetching water from miles away for domestic use, so you may help and join Maasai women on donkeys or help with cattle. On request there is possible to spend a night in Maasai Village, but only with permission of tribal chief.

Visit to real Maasai village ends with home made local lunch.

Maasai boma tour can be done by  bike from Boma town which will take you three to four hours to get there.  (Suitable for fit travelers!)

Tour can be done by car, about an hour of offroad drive from Boma town.

visit real maasai village in Tanzania with a local guide


Rundugai Village Tour With A Local

Spend a day in Rundugai village and you will learn about the daily life and flow of rural village.

rundugai village kikuletwa hot springs tanzania tour

If you visit on Monday, we start the Rundugai village tour on Monday Maasai Market. This is real Maasai Market, where Maasai come to sell their crops, cattle, hand made crafts and earn some money. Rundugai area is known for growing many crops.

trips from Moshi or Arusha rudnguai village tour tanzania with local guide

As you will see the rough landscape of Rundugai you will be amazed how fertile soil it has. We will pass by tomato fields, onion fields, occra and eggplant fields. We will stop at Kikuletwa hot spring for a quick dip in clear waters if you like and end the tour with local lunch cooked by local women. Cooked bananas, beans, ugali, chapatti, pilau, cooked vegetables and other home made food typical for Tanzanian meal.

Rundugai Village tour includes: guiding fee, village development fund fee, cooked local lunch. Tour duration

Transport is not included in the price.


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