The Latest Information on Getting Visa for Ghana in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso!

Application for Ghanian Visa

At the reception, you will be first asked for your purpose of visiting the embassy. After explaining, you are allowed to enter the main office. There, you have to fill in a form, add four passport photos, yellow fever certification, invitation letter/recommendation letter/hotel booking confirmation and passport.


You have to be very careful and precise with the form, do not miss any demanded information (look the photo with instructions below). You will be given a confirmation paper with the exact time of when you can pick up your passport. Processing time is usually 3 working days (actually 48 hours; I applied on Tuesday morning and got it back on Thursday morning).


Ghana Visa in-Ouagadougou burkina faso application

Costs of  Visa for Ghana in Burkina Faso

Since March 2014, costs for different visa types are following:

  • 25 000 CFA (single entry, 2 months)
  • 35 000 CFA (multiple entry, 3 months)
  • 60 000 CFA (multiple entry, 6 months)
  • 90 000 CFA (multiple entry, 1 year)


  • At the border, officers give all the foreigners ONLY 60 days (visa is valid 60 days from the date you enter Ghana). So, if you apply for the one for 35 000 CFA, it actually means you will get 2 months multiple entry, but you can extend it before expiring at immigration office in Accra/Kumasi/Tamale for 50 GHC/month (processing time is two weeks).


  • Some people find it difficult to apply for Ghana visa in Ouagadougou – sometimes officers ask for quoting a good reason, why a person could not apply for it before in the country of his residence. I have not been asked these questions, but I suppose everything goes easier since you apply for Ghanaian visa for the second time.


  • Also, when applying for the first time for Ghana visa in Ouagadougou, usually they don’t issue multiple entry visa. Or, in some cases, they do it subsequently at the immigration offices in Ghana, it costs extra 150 $.


Ghana Visa in-Ouagadougou burkina faso application

Other Information for Obtaining Ghana Visa in Ouagadougou

Opening hours: 8 am – 2 pm, Monday to Friday

Address: Avenue du Capitaine Thomas Sankara, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Phone: +226-50-307635; +226-50-301701