Getting  Burkinabé Visa in Accra Ghana

Just recently (in September 2015) I applied for Burkinabé visa in Accra, Ghana, so here are some freshly new information about applying procedure.

Why  Not  Visa at the Ghana – Burkina Faso border?

If you are visiting Ghana first and afterwards Burkina Faso, it is highly recommended to apply for Burkinabé visa in Accra. Why? At the border the same single entry visa for 90 days as you could get at the embassy would cost you four times more money. So, simply you can save around 120 $.

Where is Burkina Faso Embassy in Accra?

Burkinabé embassy in Accra is located in Northern part of Accra, in the district called Asylum Down. It is a bit difficult to find, since it is not surrounded by other African and European embassies, but rather hidden away form the main road.

Take a taxi from center or wherever you are located and tell taxi driver to take you to Burkinabé embassy. Even If he does not know the place, tell him to head to Asylum Down and then ask locals who are familiar with the place to give you directions.

Application for Burkinabé Visa

When you get there, you will have to write down your personal data in a book, like an evidence of visitors at the embassy. After, head to the consulate office. You will be given a form to fill in. Have an address in Burkina Faso that you might stay in ready, since you will have to write it down, but you can always copy random hotel’s address from your book guide. Add two passport photos, your passport, passport copies and money.

Burkinabé Visa Prices

Single entry visa for 90 days costs 411GHC  as per 2019 . The amount should be paid in GHC.

If you want Burkinabe visa to be done in the same day, better go there before 1 pm. I applied for it at around noon and was told to come back the same day at 3 pm.

Burkinabe visa is valid 3 months from the date of applying.

burkinabé visa in accra ghanaAddress:
772 Farrar Avenue
P. O. Box 651