Visas and Customs in Tanzania



Prior departure is good to be familiar with visas and customs in Tanzania!

US, Canada, UK, Australia and EU nationals are required to obtain visa to enter Tanzania.

The easiest and most convenient way to get visa for Tanzania is on arrival, either on airports or on entry points to the country.

Process for getting Tanzanian visa on arrival is pretty straight forward but be prepared on long queue and slow immigration staff. After filling in application form, staff collects the passports, forms and money. The rest is waiting.

There are several types of visas available.

visa requirements tanzania

  • Passport has to be valid at least 6 months
  • all visitors to Tanzania must hold either onward ticket to next destination or return ticket back home.
  • passengers without return or onward ticket might get refused to enter the country!

Single Entry Visa for Tanzania

Single entry Visa for Tanzania allows travelers one visit up to 90 days. Cost for US nationals is 100 USD, for other nationals (that require visa) 50 USD.

Visas are paid in cash only, with USD banknotes issued after 2006.


Multiple Entry Visas for Tanzania

For those foreigners that plan to leave Tanzania and re- enter the country, there are several versions of multiple entry visa available for duration of three, six or twelve months. Single stay in Tanzania must not exceed 90 days. Price for multi entry visa to Tanzania is 100 USD.


Transit Visa for Tanzania

In case Tanzaania is only transit country, travellers must purchase entry visa, that costs 30 USD. Applicants must have onward tickets for next destination, sufficient funds. Maximum stay on transit visa in Tanzania is 14 days.


Volunteers in Tanzania and Visas 

Volunteers in Tanzania must obtain tourist visa on arrival and then apply for Class C resident /volunteer permit.

Cost of permit is 200 USD for up to three months. Volunteers must provide additional documents, along with passport photocopy, 4 passport photos, CV, Resume and proof of education certificate. Applications for volunteer permits in Tanzania are usually filed by organisation that accepts volunteers.


Customs Rules – Import Regulations for Tanzania


Passengers may import free:

  • 250 grammes of tobacco or 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars;
  • 1 bottle of alcoholic beverages;
  • 1 pint of perfume