Homestay and Camping in Chagga Village, Tanzania

Travel with a local and spend three days in Chagga Village Tanzania! I would like to invite you to Nkweshoo Village so as you can explore natural and cultural beauties of Nkweshoo area including swimming in Nkosalulu waterfalls, preparation of local foods, Local coffee, prepare local brew, to visit caves used as hides during tribal wars. You will enjoy the real Chagga Village to explore the real Chagga culture and arrange genuine local lunch, camping and home stay in Nkweshoo Village with a local people of the area.

Spend Three Days in Chagga Village Tanzania local market visit

You will spend three  full days and  two nghts in Chagga environment.

DAY ONE in Chagga Village: will be spent in the visit of the underground tunnels dwelled a long time ago where Chagga people used to hide from the local /traditional wars. This is after the welcome to the traditional museums where our visitors will experience some of the Chagga traditional tools and old currencies.

stay with local in Chagga willage Nkosalulu-Waterfalls

One will get an opportunity to visit natural waterfalls, a trip of about 3 hours after local made lunch which will be accompanied by the traditional Chagga dance. During the evening hours visitors will be invited to participate in the preparation of the local Chagga dinner if they wish.

chagga village traditional dance Tanzania

DAY TWO in Chagga village will be spent by our visitors in the visit of the local market where one can enjoy the traditional Chagga arts and crafts. The trip also will include a visit of the first church and see the memorial stone which depicts the landmark of the first missionary tour in the Chagga land.

Spend Three Days in Chagga Village Tanzania make coffee
During the evening hours the visitors will be invited to prepare local coffee and sometimes they can visit a nearby local brew bar, (mbege) where they can learn how it is prepared. This also can go together with the learning of the Chagga relics, stories and others.

Spend Three Days in Chagga Village Tanzania local chagga lunch

DAY THREE  in Chagga Village will be spent by our visitors in the visit of the natural forest of the Chagga land. This also will be accompanied by the visit of the nursery tree garden where by visitors can participate in voluntary planting of the tree to show the concern of environmental conservation.

stay at chagga village with locals in Tanzania

 The visitors will get opportunity to participate in the undertaking / projects visit, of a nearby primary school and interact with the pupils as well as their teachers so as to share the experience, visit a nearby dispensary and the community library which is under construction .

Spend Three Days in Chagga Village Tanzania with a local

The gardening will be communicated later as for now there are very small garden for families wish that may suffice but we know how to handle that with you.
Bee keeping is also done at a very small scale basically is also very personal but again you will find something to share.

Spend Three Days in Chagga Village Tanzania

So the programme is very open for you to choose and always we will find a meeting point together.

Just take a minute, book with me for memorable experience of the natural and cultural beauties of Chagga Village village.

Included in Chagga Village Homestay

  • Guiding
  • Entrance fees like for parks, forests,
  • Lunch
  • Camping
  • Equipment rental like tents, bikes

 Not Included in Chagga Village Homestay Price:

  • shopping expenses for souvenirs and similar
  • travel / health insurance


StellaGuide to Chagga VIllage
My Name is Stella, and am living in Nkweshoo village which is located in Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania. I am retired Secondary school teacher and currently working as a guide and program coordinator at local cultural tourism. Having experience and knowledge in tourism especially on working field of culture and heritage.

Our cultural tourism was created by women and all the activities are carried out by the women in order to raise their income and to empower them as well. The tour journeys may begin at any place depending on where a visitor will be.

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Chagga Village Homestay Tanzania
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Fantastic place to stay and a memorable experience with great people
When visiting the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro I stayed for three days at this Bed & Breakfast. It's a nice place for travellers that seek local conditions by seeking to avoid the tourist hustle and bustle while even seeing village farming in action. It is a small farm with (when I was there) a few cows, goats, rabbits, chickens and crop land with maize, vegetables, bananas, coffee (neglected due to low world market price) and pretty flowers around the house. The place is run by a motivated ladies group and the main host lady lives at the location (it is her farm). She speaks quite reasonable English and she is very nice with good local food, beer and other drinks available on request (she runs no bar!), coffee and tea readily available, no wifi but good internet ‘in the air’. The lady is quite nice in helping to go on a very scenic 1-3 hour walk (depending on how far much you want to use local buses and motorbikes) to the a local market and tourist location. The place is best suited, in my view, for people (individuals and small groups up to .. persons) that want to relax and breathe the local atmosphere for a few days. A kilometre of meditative walk from this place one has a spectacular view of the Mt Kilimanjaro (if not clouded).

How to get there: Machame Nkweshoo Cultural Tour is located in Machame Nkweshoo, a 10 minute drive from the junction next to Kilimanjaro Machine Tools along the Arusha-Moshi Highway. The junction is a 20 minutes from Moshi and 30 minute drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport and one hour drive from Arusha.

She can arrange for pick up from nearby bus stops or tourist locations. The place is a few kilometres from where the main trail starts to the top of the Kilimanjaro (she can arrange transport for that too).
02/07/2017, 11:18 am
Tour experience
The most unmissable part of my Africa holiday
I stayed with Stella in August 2016, and she arranged for me to visit schools, a local waterfall, make delicious banana soup and see some of village life. I got an insight into local life that I would not have got any other way, and of all the things I did in Africa this is the part of my holiday that was the most memorable. I don't hesitate to recommend it if you want to go beyond the pampered tourist route.
11/03/2016, 7:42 pm
Tour experience
Machame Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism, Kilimanjaro Tanzania
My recent visit to Machame Nkweshoo was full of great cultural celebrated moments. I was intrigued by the native's history in which their culture is closely linked to the colonial history in the country and that the locals have, in some areas, remained consistent with their traditional way of life.

The Ntondolo cave where I had a chance to hike to, gives visitors a history of the locals which subjected them into conflicts with the Maasai's. Evidently, the signs that they won the battle is a sure fact that they have remained in their areas since.

Unmoved by the current global development their local market area at Kalari is a historica one which has been kept for over four decades, in which locals from different parts in the surrounding neighbourhood come every Thursday to sell and buy different items.

The church in the area including the hospital all show a hallmark of a rich history in the are that is worth the visitors time and experience.

The homestay is one of the best with basic facilities supplied in the rural home with food menus that are local and tantalizing. I can;t wait for my next visit to Machame Nkweshoo where the fresh Mount Kilimanjaro air makes visitors enjoy the hiking experience.
05/16/2016, 11:17 am
Tour experience
A memorable experience in Machame with Stella and her family
My son and I were on a tour in Tanzania, mainly to give him a feel of what Africa is really about. I had lived in Africa for 3 years and had fallen in love with it.

We had toured the Selous reserve and decided to skip the Serengeti which could be full of tourists. Instead we decided to visit local populations and learn their habits. We have therefore spent 2 days at where we ate, lived, danced, walked and experienced everyday life. We have also roasted coffee and went to the local school to see how the kids in the area learn the basics.

The whole experience was amazing. Two years later, my son and I still sing the songs that we have danced upon in Machame village and still remember the banana and meat soup that we were served.

We definitely recommend paying the Machame cultural centre a visit. You will not regret it.
04/20/2016, 8:18 pm
Tour experience
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