Trip Ideas from Moshi or Arusha – Visit Crater Lake Chala

Trip to Crater Lake Chala is full day tour. A chance to explore hidden beautiful caldera lake, walking on the crater rim up to Kenya, swimming, kayaking and visit the local people outside the lake area!



From the first day of your travel from Moshi to lake Chala whether by public bus or private hired car all the way you will experience an astonishing landscape of Crater Lake Chala with different villages to Mamsera whereby in a market days you will stop there for touring in the market and get chance to buy different local goods such as sugar canes, avocados, ripe sweet bananas to get a quick experience on how local business conducted.


From there you will pass through fantastic trails down hills to find the spectacular view of Lake Chala from the mountains were a great view of the lake can be viewed than any other place gives you a first impression on how the lake look like.



On your arrival after taking few minutes for break, your local guide Linus at Lake Chala will arrange any activities of your own interest. During the afternoon hours after the lunch it’s the best time to stretch your muscles by going deep to experience the lake. You can choose to do kayaking from Tanzania to the Kenya part of the Lake or you can enjoy swimming.



Tour Duration: full day

Meeting time:  as you please, but the earlier the better

Tour includes:

  • Guiding
  • Entrance fees like for parks, forests,
  • Kayaking

Not included in the price:

  • Transport to Lake Chala.
  • Foods and beverage in Lake Chala camp
  • Transport from Moshi can be arranged on request, private hired car 70 USD per group of not more than 6 people, while using public transport  is cheaper  – 20,000 TSH  per person for roundtrip but involves use of  motorcycle hired known as boda boda, less comfortable and more time consuming.

What to Bring to Crater Lake Chala Trip

Bring swimming suit if you plan to swim. You can eat and drink in Lake Chala campsite or you can bring your own picnic food with you. It is hot, so do not forget a sun protection for your head and  good sunscreen.

Exploring Khartoum with a Local



My name is Linus born in a village near lake Chala known as Witini Makana and grown at Mkuu village 25 km from Chala Crater Lake. I have experience in Tanzania cultural tourism business since 2009 – have been working with different cultural tourism programmes and guiding tourists as local guide in my area since 2012, I know well the area through past life experience. Drop me a line and let me show you this magic place!

Currently I am struggling to establish a quasi Museum in my Village dedicated to collect and preserve our valuable cultural objects which are face massive destruction and lost due to advanced technology, a lot of objects already collected.

Taking tourist to Rombo, Lake Chala and sharing our cultural experience and the hidden natural beauties of the area and establish cultural tourism program in our community it is my long term dream.

So please book a tour with me I will take you to a place where only local can do, I guarantee you for remarkable experience.
“When you buy local tours you directly support them and the money goes directly to local economy”


travel with a local in Africa

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