All You Have to Know About Dar Es Salaam Airport

Dar es Salaam Airport  or Julius Nyerere International Airport (IATA code DAR), is the main airport in Tanzania. It has two terminals Terminal 2  – for international flights and bigger domestic aircraft and smaller Terminal 1 for domestic flights, mainly operating smaller aircrafts.

Despite being the main airport, Julius Nyerere International Airport is fairly small in comparison to other foreign airport and easy to navigate.

Getting Visa on Arrival on Dar Es Salaam Airport

Those travellers that arrive to Dar airport and need to obtain entry visa on arrival should be prepared to wait in long queue.

  Getting Tanzanian visa is slow process and could take up to two hours  according to our experience.

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Usually air carriers distribute visa forms already prior to landing. If not, forms are available at the immigration area. It is wise thing to have pen with you in check in baggage. After filling in the immigration form, you hand papers, passport and exact sum of US Dollars to immigration officer. Make sure US banknotes are issued after 2006.

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From here on there is no processing order. You could be among first passengers submitting documents and money but it doesn’t mean you will get served first. Immigration clerks take time and work slow.

When is finally your turn, immigration staff calls your name, they scan your fingertips and eyes, you are ready to proceed to next window to get entry stamp. Next stop is baggage claim.

Dar Es Salaam Airport Guide

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Layovers – Waiting at Dar Airport for Flight

In case you have a long layover and plan to wait at Dar airport get ready for uncomfortable metal benches in outside waiting area. Although airport is open 24/7, there is no bar or shop operating in the late hours. Bring a stock of drinking supplies and food with you.

Once you enter the departures lounge inside the airport, duty free shop is open as well as snack bar. In case you are a freezing type, bring a warm fleece or some other warm clothes as airport is heavily air conditioned.

Parking and Taxis on Dar Airport

Airport is 12 kilometres out of Dar  es Salaam. Airport has reasonably big parking as well as taxis are easy to find. Actually, don’t worry taxi drivers will find you!

To assure your safety its good idea to arrange taxi or transfer from hotel.taxis are unmetered, make sure you confirm the price with taxi driver before you sit in!

Taxi prices from Dar Airport range between 25 to 40 US Dollars. The road to Dar airport is heavily congested during rush hours in the morning and afternoon. Despite the proximity, ride could take up to one hour or even more.

Dar es Salaam Airport – Going From Terminal 2 to Terminal 1

If you need to continue with flight from Terminal 1, there are airport vans available, ride will cost you 10 000 TSH, its slightly negotiable!

In general Terminal 1 is much nicer than terminal 2! Free internet available in departures lounge.

Air companies flying from Terminal 1

Small sized aircrafts: ZAN Air, Air Excel, Coastal Aviation, FlightLink, Tropical Air, Regional Air

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Nearest Hotels to Dar Es Salaam Airport

The nearest accommodation to Dar es Salaam airport, less than a mile away is Transit Motel.  They also have another location, similar proximity to the airport, called Transit Motel Ukonga. Prices per single room are around 40 USD.

If you plan to have some rest in either  Transit Motel or Transit and Ukonga make booking as soon as possible in advance, as they are oftentimes fully booked.

They have 24/7 check in policy and are willing to arrange taxis for guests. Its just a five minutes drive from DAR airport, however those contemplating to get to hotel by foot, personally I wouldn’t walk there alone, neighbourhood might seem off-putting for Africa beginners. When I visited I remember having them only cold shower, be prepared:)

Motel is decent and if one has to choose either sitting at the airport during layover or going to rest here, Transit Motel will do just fine but dont expect a luxury. Bedrooms are small, plumbing can be sometimes  air conditions could be loud, due to proximity of Dar es Salaam airport, noise from planes can be heard.

There are also Trinity Airport Hotel and Kicheck Guest House. All of them can be found on .

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