We Found Cheap Taxi on Zanzibar

Looking for cheap taxi on Zanzibar? Read on. I am a type of person that when traveling and meet cheap and reliable as well as honest taxi driver, I take his number.

Travelers that come with tour operators to Zanzibar have usually expensive transfers included in the price but those on the budget will be happy to know that its possible to find cheap and reliable taxi  driver on Zanzibar. I met my taxi driver on Zanzibar two years ago, he was recommended by local friend and since then I am using him for all transfers around Zanzibar. I am happy to help and recommend him, as I am always happy to support local people when they prove to be honest and willing to work.

So, my taxi driver on Zanzibar is called Ali, a father of four children. He is driving a car licensed for four people. He is always somewhere in Stone Town center and after you arrange a time and place or pick up, you can be sure he will pick you up on time, be it on the beach or Stone town.


Taxi from Stone Town to Anywhere on  on Zanzibar  – One price 4o USD for any destination on Zanzibar with free wifi and water

cheap taxi zanzibar 7 seater van

Meet Tamim.   Another reliable  and licensed taxi drivers on Zanzibar.  I met him in 2016, while I spent two months on Zanzibar.

Tamim can pick you up either on Stone Town Airport or in Stone Town city and take you to  any  coast  of Zanzibar  for 40 USD: Kizimkazi, Makunduchi, Jambiani, Paje, Bwejuu, Michamvi, Jozani Forest as well as other destinations on Northern Coast (Nungwi, Kendwa).

He owns the 6 passenger van with air condition and plenty of space for luggage with FREE WIfi in the car along with bottle of water for each client.  For tranfers from Zanzibar Airport to Stone Town he is charging 10 USD.

At the moment Tamim is not available.:(

On  personal note, Tamim has a quite a burden on his shoulders as he is taking care of his mother who is suffering from severe diabetes and  three younger siblings, as the man of the house he has to provide for everything, from schooling fees for siblings, medical bills and insulin for mother, food, clothes and anything in between. 


Zanzibar Taxi Fares

Taxi  rates are – transfer from Zanzibar airport to Stone Town: 15 000 TSH, which is a little less than 8 USD, but this rate is more common for expats. Usually prices charged for this route by others are between 15 to 25 USD.

On general, transfers from Stone Town to any place on the beach on Zanzibar will cost  around 50 USD. Most of taxi drivers on Zanzibar charge between 60 up to 100 USD if you have no negotiation skills.

If you are in a hurry to go to the beach, add about 20 minutes to your schedule, as taxi drivers have to pick up some sort of permit before leaving Stone Town. You will stop on the way to arrange this paper which is essential for driving out of Stone Town. This permit is usually required on a couple of check points on the way to the beach.

taxi on zanzibar

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