Looking for Best Internet Provider for Zanzibar and Arusha?

This post is going to be more technical and written in hope that will save you some time when choosing right internet usb modem when you need to work or just have your own internet access while on Zanzibar.

Zantel is definitely the best choice for those who need good Internet speed. It has good coverage all over the island of Zanzibar, no matter where you connect from Stone Town to north or southern part of the island. I used Zantel also in Arusha and works well on the coastal area of Tanga.

There are several different usb modems for sale by Zantel. If you use Windows it doesn’t matter which one you buy, however Mac users be careful. I use the latest Macbook Air and my first choice was fast 3g modem priced 60 000 TSH. This type is not compatible with Mac computers so don’t buy this one. Stick was also tested on Macbook pro model and also didn’t work. If you have Apple computer buy HUAWEI EC122 model.

I went back to Zantel office that is located on the old part of Stown Town, at round about in Shangani area and had to buy slower stick which is still ok for emails, Facebook and perhaps uploading few photos. While took me sometime to first find the office, then to explain to the staff the problem, not to mention waiting in queue for my turn.

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Few additional tips:

  • Don’t throw away modem box, there is a modem code written that you need when charging the credit starting with 077. While Zantel modems are only possible to buy in Zantel offices, vouchers are obtainable on the street almost anywhere.
  • To buy an usb dongle or any sim card in Tanzania you will need passport with you for registration.

How to Charge Zantel Internet Credit

You can fill credit by any phone as long as you know the modem number.

To fill Zantel Internet credit dial:

  • *149 *07 # call
  • choose number 1 from the menu for Ezynet services
  • choose number 2  for Ezynet Recharge Inquiry and follow the instructions, in first message you have to write modem code number, in the next one you rewrite the numbers from Zantel voucher.

After you filled for desired data, you have to make an Internet package.

  • You dial again  *149 *07 # call
  • Choose number 1 for Ezynet services
  • Choose number 3 for Ezynet Bundle
  • In next step you choose from weekly, monthly,
  • In final step you select the amount you charged.

After each step Zantel sends you message on the phone where you can follow the progress of your re/charging.

If you use all Internet credit before expiry date you cannot recharge the same usb stick until the Internet package expires. In this case you have to buy another stick.

Prices of packages / 20 000TSH for monthly 5giga, 40 000 TSH for 8 Giga

Other available but not tested providers are Vodacom Tanzania and Airtel.

And the best thing is, when you run out of the internet credit, you can buy vouchers literally everywhere!