How to Spend 24 Hours in Moshi Tanzania

Moshi is oftentimes-underestimated destination in Tanzania. Mostly known to travellers as a gateway for Kilimanjaro climbs, but there are so many things to do in Moshi, that will keep you busy for more than a day, if only you give it a chance!


things to do in Moshi


From Arusha, Moshi is a fairly quick ride by bus, about two hours, and so much different! Moshi is laid back town, much more colourful and vibrant than Arusha, and don’t feel stranded while in Moshi, as it offers you some hidden gems. If you want to see rural life in Tanzania, then any of the hikes we listed around Moshi will be good choice as you will be passing through villages and will have a chance to observe how people live their everyday life.


When you only have 24 hours in Moshi you can choose between various day trips and hikes in surrounding Moshi villages, with additional transport Moshi becomes a gateway to less popular, less tourist crowded places from crater lakes to maji moto – in English hot Springs!

In case you dont want to travel out of Moshi, the Moshi Town is still interesting for a stroll on a market and peak into local shops.


Things to Do Around Moshi in One Day – Hiking Through Local Villages


things to do in moshi see rural life in Tanzania


There is plenty of activities in and around Moshi!

Kilimanjaro Day Hike to Mandara Hut

If you cant help your self not to set foot on the paths that lead to mighty Kilimanjaro mountain, but have no time or money to do full Kilimanjaro climb, then a day hike to Mandara hut is great way to test the Marangu route to the first hut on Kilimanjaro.

Day hike starts from Kilimanjaro National park headquarters and the hike will take about 4 to 6 hours to reach Mandara station, depending on how fit you are. Its and easy hike that will reward you with great views all the way to plains in Kenya when you reach Maundi Crater. Hike to Mandara hut is easily done from 9 Am to 5 or 6 PM.

To hike Kilimanaro park, you will need a professional guide and will need to pay a park fee along with showing your passport for registration. Don’t forget it. Day hikes prices to Kilimanjaro start from 150 USD.

Hike to Marangu Waterfalls

Marangu waterfalls hike is another full day thing to do in Moshi. Some travellers like it some are a bit disappointed by waterfalls. It could be slippery terrain so bring sturdy shoes with you.


Make Coffee With Locals

Moshi area is full of coffee plantations and when you hike the paths to the waterfalls you will be walking through banana and coffee plantations. If you love coffee, then what is better than a visit to a private coffee plantation, roast and brew coffee from scratch and cook it the way Tanzanians do, on open fire!


It will be the best organic coffee experience of your life! Farmers have coffee beans in stock, so you can buy directly roasted coffee beans from locals. Half a kilo costs around 8 USD.


24 hours in Moshi guide - making coffee with locals

Hike to Materuni Waterfalls

Materuni Waterfalls hike from Moshi is not just a hike but only an opportunity to dip in cold lagune beneath the waterfalls. It’s less than an hour walk from nearby village. With 150 m height it is considered the highest waterfall at Kilimanjaro region. If you want to swim in chilly waters don’t forget to bring swimming suit as waterfall lagune is safe for swimming.


hike to Materuni waterfalls - things to do in moshi



Day Trip to Lake Chala

Lake Chala is amazing. True piece of Africa. Bordering on Kenya, and about two hours from Moshi by car. It is perfect choice for those who want to relax by adding a bit of walking around crater lake, enjoy the tranquility of the place and if visiting in the right time of the year, herds of elephants will keep you company in the distance.


trips around Moshi Guide Lake Chala trip


The easiest way to Lake Chala is by private transport, since Lake Chala is a bit off-road and not easy to find. If driving on your own, have a gps with you.

It takes a bit more effort to visit by public transport, as you will have to change mini buses till Himo and then in front of the border with Kenya will have to hire a taxi to take you there, to wait for you and take you back to nearest minibus stand.


Trip to Kikuletwa Hot Springs

Yes, Tanzania is full of surprises and Kikuletwa springs is one of them! If you want to escape from hustle and bustle in Moshi, Kikuletwa hot springs is the best place to hide. One of the rare places that look exactly the same as you see on the internet pictures. Lagoon has warm water that is pleasant to swim in and little fish nibbling your toes.

There is huge tree with a rope swing that makes the Kikuletwa hotsprings even more enjoyable and fun and opportunity to unleash your inner Tarzan.


what to do in Moshi - go to kikuletwa hotsprings maji moto


Kikuletwa Hotsprings are hour and a half from Moshi, through bumpy roads but the final destination will be totally rewarding. If you have only one day and you love water, pick trip to Kikuletwa hot springs, you wont be sorry.


Things to do in Moshi


Go on Moshi Market

Moshi market is just the right size but so much colourful and vibrant place that should  definitely be visited. In case you have to stock your self with some food, its also cheaper than Arusha market. If the season is right, buy some avocados and mangos!


Buy Tanzanian Souvenirs

Souvenirs in Moshi are much cheaper than in Arusha, so grab the opportunity and go for shopping spree for souvenirs. You can find all kinds of souvenirs from all over Tanzania, from Maasai beaded jewellery, stone keychains, wooden bracelets, curio carvings, leather beaded sandals, bags.


Buy Kanga and Other African Fabrics

If you stroll around Moshi town, you will notice many colourful shops with  African printed fabrics, that is used for Kanga. Again, like all products in Moshi, fabrics  are cheaper too  and if you want to take home some nice designs, this is the time for Kanga shopping. If you are impatient, you can find many sewing workshops and ladies will tailor your garment within a day.



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