6 11, 2017

How To Apply For Rwanda Visa Online

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Guide to Obtaining Rwanda Visa Online After the update of their website, Rwanda has finally one of the more user friendly websites for visa application I have seen so far! If you are looking to get Rwandan visa online, you will see the process for obtaining visa for Rwanda is simple, quick and very straight [...]

22 09, 2015

How to Apply for Burkinabé Visa in Accra

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 Getting  Burkinabé Visa in Accra Ghana Just recently (in September 2015) I applied for Burkinabé visa in Accra, Ghana, so here are some freshly new information about applying procedure. Why  Not  Visa at the Ghana – Burkina Faso border? If you are visiting Ghana first and afterwards Burkina Faso, it is highly recommended to apply for [...]

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