Explore Khartoum With Local Guide

Welcome to Khartoum the capital of Sudan! If you are looking for a local to hang out during your stay in Khartoum I would be here to show you around bits of my home  town  – Khartoum.

Khartoum in Five Hours With Lunch With Local Family

I will meet you at Afra Mall, which is one of biggest and modern shopping malls in Khartoum and good starting point for further exploration of the city. Khartoum is so diverse: nice, hot, quite and loud, hectic and peaceful city all at once. Let me show you some bits of Khartoum through my eyes.

Khartoum tour with locals

Since Khartoum is enormous metropolis, we will combine public transport and walking. Public transport could be minibuses, ricksha,  small private van called amgad or if you require more comfort – taxi. City is often congested with traffic, so travel to one point of Khartoum to the other takes some patience and time.

Getting around with minibuses is the cheapest way, it costs  1 to 3 SDG per ride, while taxis, riksha and amgad are private means of transport and slightly more expensive ( from 20 SGD and up). On the tour you decide which one is best for you.

Meeting place: Afra Mall

Tour Duration 4 to 5 hours

Meeting time: 10 AM

  Duration:  4-5 hours and sometimes more if time permits me.

Tour includes: guiding and local lunch. Transport not included, you pay it on the way.

Khartoum tour with a local guide

First I will show you the Rashid Diab Arts Center. Its one of my favourite places in Khartoum and if you love art, you will definitely enjoy it. Art center promotes art & culture, supports young Sudanese artists and runs creative workshops. There are always interesting and inspiring exhibitions going on by local and international artists, designers, architects. Along with inspiration this place is breath taking. The gardens.

khartoum tour sudan with locals go to national sudan museum

After boost of inspiration we take another bus towards the Nile Street all the way up to Sudan Museum. If you please, this is your chance to see the great artifacts of Sudanese ancient history.

Otherwise we can take a boat trip along the Nile, go to see confluence of Nile or walk further across the Tuti bridge and  check out the Tuti Island which is just opposite the Nile Street but so much rural and quiet. So much walking and exploring will definitely make you hungry.

Since you are exploring Khartoum with a local, you have to eat like a local! We Sudanese don’t go to restaurants much, we prefer to eat at home and this tour ends with local lunch and Sudanese tea at my home with my family.  If you arrived as a stranger I hope you leave as a friend with nice memories of Khartoum.

explore Khartoum with a local guide

If you are looking for a local to hang out with during your stay in Khartoum I would be here to show you around bits of my home  town  – Khartoum.

What to Wear in Khartoum

Sudan is muslim country. Girls and women please wear at least 3/4 sleeves, covered cleavage  and shoulders and long skirt or trousers would be the best way to blend in. It is not required for foreign women to cover the head with a  scarf, but it is polite and less unwanted attention on the street.

Men should also wear long trousers and long sleeves. City is dusty, its best if you have some light, comfortable shoes rather than flip flops or other open toe shoes.

khartoum local tours with locals

Exploring Khartoum with a Local


Included in Tour of Khartoum

  • Guiding
  • Local lunch with Sudanese tea


 Not Included in the Tour of Khartoum

  • public or private transport on tour
  • personal shopping

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Hello! My name is Hager and  I am 22 years old, born and raised in Khartoum with Darfur origins. Recently I have graduated from Peace university from English language and translation.  Along with parents I have two other siblings.  I work as a translator but in my free time I like to paint and play guitar. I love country music! I speak Arabic, English and a little bit of Italian. I love meeting new people from other countries, and showing them around Khartoum, which might be a little intimidating to navigate for first timers. I discovered my passion for guiding and showing Khartoum to travellers when I started hosting travellers in my home from Couchsurfing. Such a great cultural exchange, people learn something from me and I  can learn something new from them. Let me show you a different side of Khartoum with local touch!