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What to do in Sudan

Sudan – Controversial Country, Full of Archeological Treasures Awaiting to be Yet Discovered by the Rest of the World!

Until the separation of South Sudan in 2011, Sudan was the largest country in Africa, covering 8% of the African continent. Deserts, Nile, archeological gems all over Sudan, coral reefs in Red Sea, outstanding mountains and hectic capital Khartoum  make it alluring  and exotic destination to explore. In one week, if on organised tour with tight schedule and  with private transport you can see all  the main Sudanese attractions.

  • Hike in Taka Mountains
  • Get lost in boisterous Khartoum
  • Go diving in Port Sudan
  • Explore Camel Markets
  • See Nuba wrestling
  • Ride a boat to Tuti Island
  • Shop for Golden jewelry on Gold Souq
  • Sufi Dancers in Omdurman at Hamed al-Nil Tomb
  • Visit Kassala –  the coffee capital in Sudan
  • Dive in Red Sea coral reefs in  Sanganeb Marine National Park and Dungonab Bay

When is The Best Time To Visit Sudan

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The fact is Sudan is huge country and has different climate patterns, but for those who are visiting Sudanese tourist attractions, the best time to visit Sudan is between November and March during dry season. Weather is hot, temperatures oftentimes  rise above 40 degrees C, but its bearable since there is low humidity in the air and the air is dry.

The least favourable months to visit Sudan are rainy period between June to October.

Great months to visit Sudan for:

  • Scuba diving in Red Sea in Port Sudan: great all year except for months July and August due to high temperatures ofter exceeding 50 degrees C


  • Ramadan time in Sudan: if you visit during Ramadan, be aware that museums and sites of interest may well be shut throughout the  holy month, and those that are open will have restricted opening hours. The same applies for shops and restaurants.


dry season


November to May
rainy season


June to October

Things to Know Before Travelling to Sudan

  • Getting Visa for Sudan –  Getting Visa for Sudan takes a little bit of patience and bureaucracy, specially for US travellers and those who are not able to arrange Sudanese visa directly on the nearest Sudan embassy.  Read more here:  how to get visa for Sudan


  • Bring cash to Sudan – USD bills are the best currency. Due to political reasons, international credit cards are not accepted in Sudan. ATMs in Sudan will not work with international credit cards either, therefore bring all you money intended for spenditure in USD cash.


  • Registration of travellers on police stations – very important to register your self at the nearest police station if travelling independently, while visitors to Sudan on arranged Sudan tours will have this covered by tour operator organising the trip.


  • Photo permits and travel permits for travel in Sudan – those visiting Sudan with tour operator will have no worries with permits as agents take care of it, while independent travellers must obtain these permits on their own. Permits are necessary for travelling around Sudan.


  • Taking photos on sensitive strategic points is forbidden – make sure you know what is allowed for photography and what not, all information on photo permits – some forbidden objects to photograph are: poverty, bridges, military objects, etc…


  • Dress code for Sudan – Sudan is muslim country, dressing appropriate to blend in with local culture is mandatory.


  • No alcohol in Sudan. Alcohol is prohibited and not for sale in Sudan. Also make sure you dont bring any alcoholic beverages in your luggage as it will be taken away if found on customs.


  • Learn some Sudanese Arabic – those travelling independently in Sudan will need some Sudanese Arabic basic for easier travel around Sudan as english is not widely spoken
Sudan travel guide Meroe pyramids
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Good to Pack for Sudan

There are some essentials that are always useful to  have  in your bag when travelling in Sudan:

  • head lamp will save you every time there will be electricity cut, and believe us, it will be!


  • solar charger for gadgets and cameras is perfect saviour when hiking in remote areas and of course, again every time there is power cut.


  • Deet mosquito repellant (Malaria is existent in Sudan)


  • hand sanitizers or disinfection spray


  • Sun  cream with high protection factor


  • UV protective cap


  • all copies of your travel documents, including  travel insurance policy, passport, visa copies..


  • lightweight clothes preferably made from natural, airy fabrics


  • long sleeved cardigan for the evenings – nights  and evenings can be chilly, its desert weather


  • women –  pack a headscarf to cover your head


  • pack ALL cash you need for travelling in Sudan, ATMs are not working in Sudan!


Eat Like A Local  – Must Try Foods and Drinks

While there is no alcohol in Sudan due to country laws, there is a culture of drinking tea and coffee. Must try  black coffee with ginger and  cardamom if you are a coffee lover! Try  also Tamia balls, a Sudanese version of falafel, Kissra, Aseeda, goat meat and goat cheese,…


sudanese food sudan travel guide

Sudan travel guide

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