Khartoum City Map for Travellers

To find a  travel map of Khartum in Khartoum is almost mission impossible. There are no info points for travellers and other tourist information offices.  Khartoum is huge city and when I was exploring Khartoum  found out it is near to impossible to get a proper Khartoum city map. In one of better hotels I discovered this basic, yet very helpful map of Khartoum in their internal magazine  and am sharing it here.

Map of Khartoum highlights the places around the city and will definitely be helpful in order to get a feel for the city structure and areas in Khartoum.


Safety on Streets of Khartoum

Khartoum City vibes are unique! Full of traffic, noise, scents, women selling tea and coffee on street corners with little tables and mini chairs to sit down. City has the elements of chaos and order all in one. Walking around Khartoum during the day is like anywhere in the world. I felt completely safe, everybody minds their own business. If anybody would approach you, would be because they would want to invite you for a cup of tea. 

Regarding the traffic, it has its own rules, seems a bit chaotic,  a lot of honking, specially if you are pedestrian. Sometime people jsut walk among the cars. The hardest and in my opinion most dangerous is road crossing in the city. If there is no traffic lights, you just have to cross the road. Drivers oftentimes dont slow down, when pedestrian cross the street, so you have to calulate the distance and their speed in order to successfully cross the street;)

In the video below you will also see the state of taxis. Lets just say, if you are planning to use taxi in Khartoum, you will have an idea what to expect.I will say no more:) 



Kahrtoum Airport and Centre

As you can see Khartoum airport is located in the city!



Tuti Island, Nile Street



Khartoum Northern Part – Bahri