Tours With Locals in Musanze –  From Banana Beer Brewing to Traditional Basket Weaving

Tours With Locals in Musanze Rwanda

If you are visiting Musanze to partake in gorilla trekking, take an extra day or two for  tours with locals in Rwanda and experience authentic Rwandan culture up close! There is so many  things to do in Musanze!

Not only will you enrich your travels, you will help make a real difference in your hosts’ lives…something that is unexplainably gratifying. Tours with locals in Rwanda show cases  some of our activities but there is always more to do. We hope you visit us while in Rwanda…

Tours With Locals in Musanze Rwanda banaana beer production


With tour with a local in Musanze you can experience:

  • Making Agaseke – basket weaving with local women
  • introduction to banana beer brewing
  • painting
  • hunting like locals did in old times
  • visit to local homes
  • introduction to agriculture and honey production

We start our visit with Banana beer production, Banana plant is Rwandas most important crop, with variety of uses and symbolic as a celebration in many homes. One of its uses is making the banana beer or as locals call it “Ugwagwa” the banana beer production takes several days to complete but you get to learn practically how the banana are pounded to become beer.

Tours With Locals in Musanze Rwanda

You’ll learn the culture are bananas and its important in Rwanda. Also visit a local village and learn how hives are traditional made, using a combination of banana leaves, cow dung and woven reeds. Sample a delicious honey straight from the comb and also buy some to take with you.


Later Visit our workshop and learn a thing or two about painting, how traditionally locals used materials from cow dung, soil and plants to create art works and to the modern way of using paint brushes and industry made paint. Also, meet the local women who will show you how to make pottery from soil, see different pots designs and probably buy one to take with you.

As part of Rwandan culture, long time ago the locals used to hunt and gather in the bush and their tools of trade were arrows and bows. You get to learn how to make one and even buy it as a souvenir to have it at your home.


Then there are women handcrafts, agaseke baskets, typical for Rwanda and Eastern Africa. Why not sit down with local women and learn how to make a basket by yourself. A typical basket weaving is fun and ladies will be happy to teach you the basics of this craft!

To truly experience rural environment in Musanze and to immerse yourself into local life and activities, we offer a package of one day and one night in our centre.

Tour price  includes guiding, activities, accommodation – camping , transport to local homes in the area, lunch.

Tours With Locals in Musanze Rwanda local life


local guide in Musanze travel with locals in Rwanda


My Name is Munyakazi and I’d like to introduce and show you the culture of the Rwandan people, from the time they wake up till dawn. I’ll take you through the villages, home stay to allow you get the real experience and get to engage one on one with the locals.
I promise to give you the best in terms of service as ill try and meet all your travel requirements. I’m sure if you choose our tours and my guiding services your trip will end with a “Wow!!!” effect.

My Musanze Local Experience – Brief Review

I spent a week with locals and it was the best time along with gorilla trekking in Rwanda for me. Ladies had so much patience with me learning to waive my own basket while guys were always around to help with organising the free time for me.

We went to nearby villages to visit locals, i had an escort on my trip to Twin Lakes which is such a nice hike and rewards you with stunning views of Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo. The food was fresh and local. When I come back to Rwanda I will for sure make a short stop again as i want to hike to some of volcano mountains in the area.