Tarangire National Park Review

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Wildlife in Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is the 6th largest park in Tanzania and should be on safari itinerary. Known for baobab trees and large herds of elephants, this park is probably the only place in Tanzania where you will encounter so many elephants in one place! Birdwatchers will also enjoy the Tarangire visit, because there are more than 550 bird species to spot. One of them is Kori Bustard, which is the heaviest flying bird. Other noteworhy birds to spot are African endemic Yellow-collared Lovebird, Red-throated Tit, Northern Pied-Babbler, and Ashy Starling.

tarangire national park review

Good to Know

  • Children up to five years have free entrance.
tarangire national park safari

Landscape in dry season in Tarangire National Park

elephants tarangire tanzania safari

Where to Sleep in Tarangire National Park

When arranging accommodation on safari to Tanzania, it is good to know which lodges are located inside the parks and which ones are located near park gates. There are several options to stay inside Trangire National Park which are on the more expensive side and many lodges and camps situated very near the park

Lodges and Camps Inside Tarangire National Park

  • Oliver’s Camp
  • Mawe Ninga Tented Camp
  • Little Oliver’s
  • Sanctuary Swala
  • Tarangire Treetops
  • Sopa Tarangire
  • Tarangire Safari Lodge
  • Kuro Tarangire
  • Lemala Tarangire
  • Nasikia Tarangire Camp Ndovu
  • Tarangire Green Camp

Lodges and Camps Outside Tarangire National Park

  • Tarangire River Camp
  • Chem Chem Safari Lodge
  • Eco Science Lodge
  • Marmboi Tented Camp
  • Osupuko Tarangire Lodge
  • Kikoti Safari Camp
  • Lake Burunge Tented Camp
  • Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge
  • Boundary Hills Lodge
  • Naitolia Camp
  • Whistling Thorn Tented Camp
  • Tarangire Balloon Camp
  • Sangaiwe Tented Lodge
  • Manyara Ranch
  • Campistes Kigongoni camp

Tarangire National Park Safari Review tanzania


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