Corinthia Hotel Khartoum Review

Although backpacking mind by heart, I like to splurge once in while during my travels in Africa. After only a week in hectic, chaotic and dusty Khartoum, I craved for some decent bed, working shower with hot water and a bit of comfort food reminding me of home.

I needed a night to truly recharge my self, collect the thoughts of the experience in Khartoum so far and to enjoy a little pampering before heading to the rough desert. The invitation to hang out and relax at Corinthia Hotel Khartoum could not have come at a better time.



corinthia hotel khartoum by night review


Even though the capital of Sudan is fairly modern city, when it comes to high standards regarding the accommodation in Khartoum it isn’t much choice when looking for a truly flawless hotel, in terms of services, facilities, amenities, cleanliness and comfort with Western standards we are used from home.


However, Corinthia hotel in Khartum is among few hotels in Khartoum that is keeping those standards high.

How Does it Look Like to Stay in Best 5 Star Hotel in Khartoum

Corinthia 5 star hotel had everything I was looking for, even more than I needed.

The hotel grounds are well kept in a very clean modern design. You wouldn’t think you’re anywhere even close to Sudan by looking at the lavishly styled interior design and infrastructure of the Corinthia hotel lobby. From the moment I stepped in the hotel I was welcomed by friendly personnel and what makes the stay memorable are the little things.






Although I knew the pride of Corinthia are spacious rooms, I was still impressed when actually stepped into my room. A little studio apartment sized room, with wide huge window overlooking the river Nile, big double bed with puffy, cozy pillows that were screaming out loud good sleep finally. No need to point out I felt like reborn again after sleeping in my cloud-like bed.





What else did I love about this place? The biggest selling point for me is FOOD. If good food genuinely makes you happy, eating at the Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum will put a massive grin on your face throughout your stay. Three restaurants are enough to keep your taste buds entertained during the stay in Khartoum.





Dining With The Best Panoramic Views of River Nile in Khartoum

Not only are the breakfast and dinner selection in Corinthia downright epic, dining in restaurants in 16th or 18th floor is unique experience. The settings of restaurants overlook to confluence of river Nile, Tuti island and Tuti bridge which makes it the best and highest publicly accessible panoramic views of river Nile in Khartoum.





Eating a delicious breakfast, sipping black Sudanese coffee with ginger and cardamom and observing the lazy, wide river Nile beneath couldn’t be better start of the day.

Another thing I truly enjoyed was the pool and Jacuzzi. Before check out next day in the morning, I decided to try out the hotel’s pool. Since on general hotel caters to busy businessmen clientele and clients exploring Khartoum, I had a hotel pool all for myself.



restaurants in Khartoum Corinthia hotel review



Wi-Fi: there is free and working Wi-Fi thought all hotel, working good, but don’t expect hi speeds in fiber optic range. Wi-Fi is perfectly ok for sending photos, update Facebook, send and receive emails and even video on Skype worked well. As a digital nomad with lots of work online I managed to do all i had to do online.


Hotel grounds: I was after rest and relaxation in Corinthia hotel Khartoum. But if you are more on the active side, you will be pleased to know the hotel owns the best gym facilities in Khartoum, outdoor tennis courts and squash playground inside. Beside the pool, you can also relax in spa, sweat in saunas, or indulge with traditional Hammam.






Location: Corinthia hotel in Khartoum is located near Tuti bridge, overlooking Tuti island and blue river Nile, surrounded by green trees and gardens. Within a walking distance in close proximity, you are in national museum of Sudan. Hotel is also close to the airport and the city.


If you arrive by yourself with local taxi, some local drivers still refer to Corinthia hotel by former name Burj Al Fateh Hotel. In case your taxi driver doesn’t understand Corinthia hotel use the Burj Al Fateh name and problem solved.




Atmosphere in Corinthia Hotel Khartoum

Being in Corinthia hotel Khartoum is like being on another planet. Literally, from outside and inside. Once inside the hotel, you will find your self in a safe bubble of comfort and tranquility. No hustle and bustle. Khartoum’s noise and chaos is just a memory and you easily forget you are actually in Africa.

Although mainly full of business clientele, it is definitely great escape also for picky independent travellers that want to slow down a bit.


Things to Note Before Booking a Stay in Corinthia Hotel

  • On general in Sudan credit cards are not accepted and ATMs don’t work with foreign credit cards, so either bring enough cash, preferably US dollars dated 2006 onwards to settle your  hotel bills or arrange a wire transfer with hotel before arrival.


  • In Sudan alcohol is prohibited, Corinthia hotel (nor any other hotel) will not serve drinks containing alcohol.


All in all the time spent in Corinthia hotel in Khartoum was exactly what as I was looking for. Well rested recharged and relaxed was ready to conquer the Sudanese desert.


corinthia hotel khartoum review


Disclaimer: We were invited to stay at Corinthia Hotel Khartoum free of charge, but of course all opinions expressed are my own.

All pictures by Nina Zara