Akagera National Park


Akagera National Park Review

Wildlife in Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park used to be one of the finest wildlife reserves in Africa. Through the century park area was decreased for two thirds. Although current wildlife abundance can not be compared to those in Kenya and Tanzania.

To fully understand the situation of struggle for wildlife in Akagera National park you have to know the history. In late 90s refugees started coming back and inhibiting two thirds of the park. Deforestation and de-gazetting took huge toll on parks wildlife along with poaching and degradation of the environment. Today after decades of struggle to restore wildlife in Akagera National park, park is  slowly recovering and nowadays home to 8000 large animals.

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 On safari to Akagera National Park you will see animals like eland, reedbuck, Impala, oribi, waterbuck, giraffe, bushbuck and roan antelope. In the swamps hippos and crocodiles, while predators are still scarce. It is possible  spot lions and leopards and hyenas.

On the other hand, savvy bird lovers will be pleased to know there are near 500 bird species in Akagera. Bennett’s Woodpecker, Papyrus Gonolek,Red-faced Barbet, White-headed, Black and familiar Chats,  White-winged and Broad-tailed Warblers and Miombo Wren-Warblers.

Good to Know About Akagera NP

  • Independent safari goers with own vehicles can hire a guide for self game drive at park headquarters. Half day hire costs 25 USD, full day guide rate is 40 USD.
  • Children up to five years have free entrance.
  • It is possible to reach Akagera with public transport and rent park vehicle for a half or full day

Wildlife: eland, antelopes, elephants, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, water buck, giraffe, leopard, lions

Black Rhinos were reintroduced to Akagera park in 2017! 


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Best Time to Visit Akagera National Park in Rwanda

Best months to visit Akagera National Park are from June to September and in January and February  – during dry season. November and April are the wettest months and roads may not be passable.

Wildlife in Akagera 

Many birds, eland, antelopes, elephants, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, water buck, giraffe, leopard. Lions were introduced to the park back in 2015! 


Akagera Highlights

Lions, Giraffes and almost 500 bird species!

Activities on Safari in Akagera – Things to do

  • Night Game drives
  • Boat safari on Lake Ihema
  • Fishing on Lake Shakani
  • Birdwatching
  • Classic safari

Akagera National Park is worth visiting, but dont expect spectacular sights like in Tanzania. Great for Classic safari Families with children and Birdwatching!

Lodges  and Camps Inside Akagera NP

  • Akagera Game Lodge
  • Ruzizi Tented Camp

Campsites in Akagera

For the more adventurous or for those traveling on a budget, three self-catering camp sites are also available in Akagera.


Shakani Campsite is located on the banks of Lake Shakani, the only lake where fishing is allowed as a tourist activity. This is a great spot if you don’t mind sharing the space with hippos and noisy plovers. Birdlife abounds at this campsite, and with the lake lapping the shores and a backdrop of tree covered hills, the scenery is magnificent.


Mutamba Campsite is the highest point in Akagera and is renowned for the high density of game that congregates in this region, including herds of eland and the elusive roan antelope.


 Muyumba Campsite is situated on a ridge with a stunning view overlooking the picturesque Lake Shakani and Lake Ihema and across to Tanzania. Only a few kilometers away from the reception at Kiyonza, Muyumba is the closest camp site to the entrance gate.

All three campsites have pit toilets and a wash room. However, there is no running water available so please come prepared with enough water for the duration of your stay. Firewood is provided and tents can be hired from reception.

akagera national park rwanda safari review


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    That’s why I love traveling! You do things that normally you will never do. I mean it’s so amazing visiting a place where the real queen is the nature 🙂

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    wow you’ve seen so much of africa! i had an amazing time on my first safari and am just itching to go back! will have to check out your blog in depth before i plan my next trip :0


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    Hi Nina,

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    I’d love to visit Rwanda, we went on safari in Tanzania and it was amazing – such lovely people and abundant wildlife!

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