Get Private Label Raw Shea Butter From Ghana and Start Selling!

Private label organic shea butter from Ghana enables you to buy ready to sell packaging of raw, unrefined shea butter from Ghana without the hassle of packaging. All you need to do, is print your  own branded  labels and you are ready to go with shea butter business! 

Private label shea butter is great for those who are just starting out with shea butter business and dont want to deal with pouring large quantities of shea into final packaging for end customer and rather focus on selling than process of packaging. 

Benefits of Private Label Shea Butter

Unlike with wholesale shea butter orders that are packed in bulk 25kg weight, private label shea butter order enables you to skip the process of packaging large amounts of shea butter into cans. Supplier hand pours each private label order for you, meaning the private label shea butter always comes freshly poured into cans and are never pre made on stock. 

For this reason to offer buyers the freshest shea butter quality, processing time, once the order is paid to shipping the order, is up to 16 days, depending on the ordered  quantity of private label shea butter. 

Private Label Shea Butter Packaging

Private label shea butter orders are hand poured (and ready to sell) to high quality alu black tins. These orders are possible for minimum 50 kilos up to 500 Kilos and are shipped from European warehouse. Availability depends on stock and season.

Can Sizes

Cans are  size  100 ml (cca 3.52 oz)   with no labelling in  black elegant  alu can ( shape: circular,  dimensions of a can – size: radius 8 cm (or 3,14 inch), height 3 cm (1,18 inch). 

Private label  shea butter packaging is great for those buyers who dont want to waste time with packaging process.  Without loosing time with packaging, all you have to do, is print your own brand labels and start selling.

Private label organic raw shea butter wholesale Ghana



Yellow Shea Butter With Burututu Extract and Ivory Raw Shea Butter

You can choose between two types of raw shea butter for private label orders. The  standard, ivory unrefined  raw shea butter and/ or yellow shea butter with burututu extract.  One private label shea butter order allows you to combine both types if you wish so, determining the number of cans for each type of shea butter. If you would like to know how shea butter is made,  read about the process of making shea butter in Ghana.



Inquire Private Label Shea Butter from Ghana

  • INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter
  • Country of Origin: Ghana
  • CAS Number: 194043-92-0 / 91080-23-8
  • Quality: grade A (unrefined)
  • Documentation: compliant with EU standards
  • MSDS: available
  • Worldwide shipping: yes
  • Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces of 100 ml cans