West African Visa Prices

Visa Cost for West African Countries

If you are planning a trip to West Africa this post might be the post to read! Here is update and compilation of West African Visas from Ruben, who travelled all the western and central African countries (25 countries). He travelled all the way overland, except for  flying to Bangui, Central African Republic. Ruben is Spanish national.

Please note some countries might have different pricing model for different nationalities and where you apply for visa, therefore take this post as strictly informational. To double check the prices for west African visas for your nationality, please consult with their embassies.

1€=655 CFA
1€=397 Ougiya Mauritania
1€=5’44 Ghana cedí

Morocco Visa – No visa (3 months)
Mauritania Visa – 55€ or 660 Dirham –  available at the border
Senegal   Visa – No visa (3 months)
The Gambia Visa – 35.000 CFA (Dakar) available in same day

Mali Visa– 6.500 ougiya (Nouakchott) available in same day
Guinea Bissau Visa– 45.000 CFA / 55.000 CFA express (Dakar)
Guinea Conakry Visa – 50.000 CFA / 70.000 CFA express (Dakar)
Sierra Leone Visa – 60.000 CFA (Dakar)

Liberia Visa – 90.000 CFA (Dakar) letter + interview
Ivory Coast Visa  – 60€ or 660.000 Guinea francs. (Conakry) Hotel certicate
Burkina Faso Visa – 62.000 CFA 2 entries. (Abidjan)

Also check the post about how to get Burkina Faso visa in Ghana

Niger Visa– 20.000 CFA (Ouagadougou) 2 days
Ghana Visa  – 30.000 CFA 5 days / 50.000 express next day  in Abidjan
Togo Visa – 10.000 CFA  available at the border)
Benin Visa – 120 ghanian cedi  available in Accra
Nigeria Visa – 95USD on line + papers on Cotonou

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Cameroon Visa – Check if Calabar gives visa. In Cotonou 75.000 CFA – 1 month / 100.000 CFA express, next day / 150.000 CFA 3 months multiple entry express
Equatorial Guinea Visa  – 51.000 CFA Doula with invitation letter / 156.000 CFA Doula / 100.000 CFA (Accra) with invitaton letter
Chad Visa  – 50.000 CFA / 70.000 CFA express available in same day in Yaounde
Central African Republic Visa  – 50.000 CFA / 75.000 CFA express available in same day in Yaounde
Gabon Visa – 75.000 CFA (Yaounde) available in same day
Congo Visa  – 50.000 CFA (Yaounde) 7 days / 100.000 CFA express, available next day from application day
DR Congo Visa – 100.000 CFA (Yaounde)available next day from application day

Angola Visa – 150 USD + letter with itinerary. 2 months from expedition.
Sao Tomé and Prince Visa  – No visa for 15 days
Namibia Visa  – No visa
South Africa Visa  – No visa

Information kindly provided by Ruben Arnal, world traveller who visited 161 countries. You can follow his adventures on Facebook  or Instagram

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  1. Julian mander 02/01/2019 at 8:02 am - Reply

    Hi. I found your information very useful, am planning a west african trip for later in the year, am finding it difficult to get information on how to obtain a LOI for Equitorial Guinea and Agoda.
    Please could you advice me


    J Mander

    • Safari Junkie 02/01/2019 at 12:30 pm - Reply

      Hi Julian, thanks for feedback on the content of this blog. Unfortunately I cant help you much with your question, I know Equatorial Guinea is quite difficult to enter. Best to check with their embassy. Maybe also check online if there are any hotels in Equatorial Guiena or travel agents that are selling Letter of Invitations, this practice is very popular in Sudan, quite expensive though.. But as I said, embassy is best source of information. As per Agoda, i didn’t quite understand. Did you mean Angola? Also tough nut. A couple of years ago I tried to get it, too much work and effort, at least for my nationality.. I would love to hear from you, if you manage to sort this out! And am sure our readers too!

  2. Julian mander 02/01/2019 at 2:14 pm - Reply

    Thank you for your feedback, I read if I paid for a LOI and got it investigated wich is more than likely I could be in a serious situation. I will contact agents and embassies until I’ve had enough. Yes sorry for the typo. ..I did mean Angola. I was hoping that the pereason who wrote about where to get the west African visas would know if they went to all the countries. For sure if I find a successful way around this I will surely post it. Thanks again

    • Safari Junkie 02/01/2019 at 2:17 pm - Reply

      You are right. You may reach to him, perhaps he knows more. But the problem with visas is that they are so specific to nationality. Hope you find a way to get the visa.

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