Best Clinics in Arusha When You Get Sick

This post is actually a result of personal and friends health problems.Through circumstances we were forced to do some research about where to find good doctors and health services in Arusha.

Like any city also Arusha has better and not so good health clinics. In case you get sick in Tanzania and you happen to be close to Arusha, this post will save you time on search for best hospitals and medical help in Arusha.

 We have checked few of centers and also pharmacy stores in Arusha.

I will mention only the good medical centers according to my and friends experience. I will not mention in which center she got wrong diagnosis and wrong medicine!!

Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre – known and also recommended by expats in Arusha. My friend got second opinion on her medical condition where they found out that she got wrong diagnosis in previous centre as well as wrong medicine. Looks like many people trust to Dr. Muhammed, he is only reachable if you know a local who holds a  file in his practice – this way you get waiting number in the waiting room. Long waiting time, but my friend was relieved after getting the accurate diagnosis and treatment directions about her health condition.

Best Clinic for Malaria and Typhoid  Fever Test in Arusha

Total Care  –  is located at Njiro road, owned by indians. Place is  known for quick lab tests. If you are in doubt weather you have a malaria, or typhoid fever, here you get results in about 45 minutes! 

Cost of  full blood test, widal test (typhoid fever) and malaria is around 25 000TSH. If you want to consult the results of test with doctor, add another 15 000 TSH. Staff is friendly. They also have pharmacy, but according to my experience staff speaks poor English and price of same medicine is different each time you buy it.

Best Pharmacy in Arusha

If you are willing to go to the Arusha city, there is much better pharmacy that has perfectly speaking indian staff and is also cheaper – Moona’s Pharmacy  on Sokaine Road, about 500 meters from Arusha clock tower on the road in direction to former Shoprite. It is possible to buy original medicine for Malaria treatment, Coartem pills from Novartis, other antibiotics might originate from India and Pakistan.

Ladies Seeking a Good Gynaecologist in Arusha

Since I had some female problems, I found out there is a serious lack of gyn doctors in Arusha. Through recommendation of few local friends and expats I was directed to Mother Medical Care Arusha, its opposite Impala hotel. I had a little surgery.

Although was in doubt and sceptic, at the end they treated me well and cant express how happy  I was  with this private practice. They also have private ambulance car. Although called Mother Care, they have their own laboratory and tests for malaria, parasites and typhoid fever are possible. Much more expensive than Total Care Clinic.

The Best Dentist in Arusha 

Dr. Tanya! I really had a rough time in Arusha, but finding a good dentist wasn’t hard. Many expats recommended her as she is well known in expat community. If you have travel insurance, she will add an explanation letter in english for insurance  company along with the receipt.  This way is much easier to claim refund.

Her dental office is just a little bit out of Arusha, on the way to Moshi on Moshi Road.  I paid 80 USD for white dental seal. There are cheaper dental services in Arusha, but taking into account the level of hygiene and cleanliness with professional skills, she was the best pick!

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