Sacred Women Travel! – Do you have a dream to go on an African Safari?

Women’s Journey to Kenya With Maasai Mara Safari September 2010

We’ll arrive in Nairobi, Kenya the evening of September 20th (leaving US on September 19th) and our return flight leaves Nairobi on October 2nd, to arrive back home on October 3rd, 2020.

Travel includes 12 days in Kenya. Activities in Nairobi will begin the morning of September 21st, visiting the David Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage, Nairobi Giraffe Center to feed the giraffes, and more.

This is a unique opportunity of intimate experiences meeting the local women in three different regions in Kenya. We’ll create sacred space for talking circles to learn from each other about our different cultures and what is important to each of us as women in today’s world. We also may have one family home stay near Mt Kenya, in addition to some home cooked Kenya food!  Plus we will experience the beauty of driving through Kenya and several safari days, seeing the Big Five animals!


Cost of $4795 includes transportation within Kenya, most meals, safari and quality accommodations. Participants will pay for RT airfare to Nairobi, travel insurance, tips, and Maasai Mara park entrance fees ($240US). Also included is a donation to the Greenlight Education Center in rural Western Kenya directed by Mary Omollo, our Kenyan host.

Greenlight Education Center has 200 students from nursery school to grade 6 and our donation will help support the teacher’s salaries.


Who Is Your Sacred Women Travel Host

Led by Kris Steinnes, Founder of Women of Wisdom Foundation, and Krysalis Leadership. Kris is an experienced traveler, having traveled around the world for three years in the 1980’s, and many other travels over the years. Kris led a group to Myanmar in 2018, and experienced two trips to Kenya, the most recent in September 2019 when she led 18 people on a 16-day journey including volunteer work at the Greenlight Education Center, where our fundraising built a two-classroom permanent building, toilets, fence, desks, water tanks and solar power!

To maintain the level of intimacy for the participants, and for the talking circles with local Kenya women, the maximum number to participate in this amazing journey is 11 women with a minimum number of 5 women to join Kris in this trip.

Itinerary of Sacred Women Travel 

Women’s Journey to Kenya Masai Mara safari

Women’s Journey to Kenya Masai Mara safari

Kenya Itinerary includes:

  • Nairobi,
  • Mt Kenya,
  • Sweetwater Safari Camp,
  • Thomson Falls, 
  • Nakuru National Reserve,
  • Kisumu, (largest city in Western Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria) 
  • Maasai Mara for 3 safari days, and fly back to Nairobi.

We’ll travel in safari vans with safari guides and have two internal short flights.


“My trip to Kenya with Kris Steinnes in September 2018 was an exciting, off-the-beaten-path travel adventure. Kris expertly led our group of (18) on a cultural immersion experience that put us face-to-face with the Kenya people and took us to places seldom seen in traditional travel to Africa. Kris has been traveling the world for years and knows how to put together the details to make a group trip fun, insightful and memorable.”  Bonnie Pasek

Women’s Journey to Kenya Kisumu

“The trip to Kenya was life changing and eye opening.  It was wonderful to be able to meet people through our Kenyan host, Mary Omollo, and have a more personal experience than the typical tourist, visiting people in their homes.  The people we met were so warm and welcoming.  I enjoyed traveling over so much of the country and seeing the different terrain.  Staying at the safari camps and being able to see the animals on the safaris was a life’s dream.  It was a special trip on so many levels.”  Wendy Howard

If you want to see Kenya from the eyes of the people who live there, go with Kris. She is knowledgeable, well organized, and fun. One of the best trips I’ve ever been on.  Fran

I had the pleasure and honor to travel to Kenya with Kris. She has been there twice and has intimate connections and knowledge of this beautiful country. The trip was very well planned. We saw much of the country and met and  even stayed, with Kenyans! Her choice of where to eat and stay was right on spot, and of course our Safari stay was wonderful!  Allyson Hughes


Kris’s leadership comes from 28 years directing the Women of Wisdom Conference, and she developed circle leadership as a model to manage the organization. She is known for creating community and safe containers for women to share their stories.  Kris is also an experienced meditation and spiritual leader with 28 years of intuitive healing training.  She has been a radio host for 7 years, interviewing women spiritual leaders and authors.


Bookings and Further Information about the trip

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