Give Goma a Chance after Virunga National Park Visit

Goma is not exactly everybody’s destination but if you happen to visit DR Congo, Goma will be first stop when entering from Rwandan side.

Many people glance the Goma city, because they come for cheap gorilla trekking in Virunga National park or for trekking the Nyiragongo  Volcano and leave as quickly as possible back to Rwanda.

African cities are best discovered with local company. With this tour of Goma city you will literaly visit all corners of the town from the south to the north (Port de Goma, KILIJIWE) and from the East to west (Grande Bariere, NDOSHO quarter).

Walking Goma City Tour will be done by taxi, moto taxi  on request. In this case ask for price of transport. It offers a good time to relax, taking photos, passing through different quarters  of Goma city . Walking Goma City Tour is an occasion to visit local markets,  buy local Congolese crafts,  see city monuments, statues and border of Goma with Gisenyi in Rwanda (without passing border).

goma city tour with local guide dr congo

This tour do also offer a visit of different attractive site place of the town as best hotels, restaurants and so far shantytown

    • MEETING POINT : Provincial HOSPITAL (Hopital Général)
    • MEETING TIME   : 11:00 pm GMT
    • DURATION           : 4H30’
    • ENDING TIME     : 3:30 pm GMT

From the Hopital Général we walk till PORT DE GOMA. Once at the Goma Port, we shall visit dock with ships, taking photos, entering inside (if we find only one which is loading); Now it’ll be the time to reach the BDGL roundabout, it’s a bit long walking time, moto taxi can help, its cost is from 0.5 to 1 USD to IHUSI Hotel.

It’s a best site for relaxing. They do have a best look to the lake, a swimming pool, a feast room, a good restaurant, shortly a luxurious hotel.


walking goma city tour congo with a local guide


About 1.5 kilometers separate the hotel and BDGL roundabout, at the second exit on the right hand, there is the unique place of the  Goma Town where are sold art objects known as a local museum. For the one who wants  to do some souvenir and curio shopping, this is the time to do it.

It’s not forbidden to take photo. In short you have look for all what you want. Here,  we stop for 30 minutes but if you have interest to explore in more details, we can prolong the visit.As the highlight of this tour, it’s described as following:

Known as a museum of North Kivu Province, it contains all collections of masks and arts objects of around 500 tribes of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many of those masks were used in ceremonies of weeding, birth, enthronement; fighting… many tourists from everywhere who look for original curio from Congo, do find them here.


congolese curio shop goma walking tour with local

All statues which are sold have their meaning, stories and legends.

Many of them show the life of Congolese ancestor and some of statues were really used by them. Trying to analyse one by one, you can easily make a difference between former time and nowadays life.

walking goma city tour congo with a local guide

The monument of Tchukudu, which is the symbol of the work in Goma is in the next Roundabout. That’s a touristic place; people from everywhere usually take pictures there, even for local wedding, clips of local stars… that’s in our step of visit.

1 km ahead there SIGNERS roundabout. There’s a monument of the volcano and some animals of the park like lions, Gorillas….

The Virunga Market is the heart of Goma town, various categories of goods are sold, clothes, electronic set, shoes, food… many tourists women usually like to buy our loin cloth and local food in other to taste it.

From the market, we’ll have to visit KILIJIWE (big stone in English), this quarter was named after volcanic eruption of 1977, so the lava made a big stone which stays the reference. Very far from KILIJIWE will visit KITUKU market a very small one to the verge of Kivu Lake form fish man and known as a popular place for ship construction.

Before reaching the best restaurant we shall visit the public beach known as PLAGE DU PEUPLE… We can also visit other restaurant of local specialties according to your wish.

walking goma city tour congo with a local guide

After all the walk we will  end  Goma city tour with some relaxation on the best location in Goma with excellent views of Kivu Lake in LE CHALET RESTAURANT.

This place is usually preferred by tourists because of its superb location along Kivu Lake as well as good food. If you are hungry, this is the time to have some lunch or just a drink.

goma city tour with local

Walking Goma tour price depends on number of people.Included tour guide fee. Not included: Transport is optional and you will have to pay extra for transport (taxi, mototaxi, mini buss)  including for the guide.  

visit Goma city DR Congo With a Local Guide

Local Tour Guide in Goma

local private guide goma walking tour dr congo

In case you are looking a local to hang out with and see Goma, Christian is the right choice.

Recently have graduated but work part time in hospitality since I started college to support myself and my family with three siblings. I am fluent in French, English and Swahili. Besides I also speak several of local languages as Lingala and Machi. Born and raised in Goma, I know the city inside out.

So far I guided many tourists from all corners of the world and enjoy hanging with travellers and show them around my Goma town. Guiding is my passion and I truly enjoy meeting travellers and learn something new as well am happy to share something new to them.

Like everywhere in Africa, travel its much easier when you know a local in the city. And if you want to spend some time on my walking tour to Goma I will be more than happy to show you around. The Goma beach, Goma downtown, the docks, the city vibes and people, the market and shopping for some Congolese hand crafts are just some of the highlights of Goma city.

And if you like eating like a local, we end the tour in local place with delicious Congolese food!

In 2019 Christian registered local company that operates trips and adventures with local flavour. To get more information about DR Congo travel, local travel in DR Congo visit his website