20 Instagrammers  to Follow With  Awesome Photos of  Daily Life From Africa

We love Instagram!  Its the place we spend  quite some amount of time everyday and this post is for all you out here who love Africa and are looking for different faces of Africa.  Selection was hard, since there are so many accounts on Instagram with mind blowing images of Africa, but we decided to select 20 Instagram Accounts Capturing  Everyday Africa, that deserve attention and will give you a glimpse of daily African life and travel.

 From long term travelers, overlanders, aid workers, expats living in Africa, photojournalists and wildlife aspiring photographers. Everything for everybody!


Overalnding Africa with 4×4 From Cape Town to Morocco on Western Route


instagram overland africa photos


We love all updates from this couple that started their overland trip through Africa from Cape Town. What makes it so much more interesting, is that they took the overland Africa route on the western side, crossing Namibia, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, etc,… and making it up till Morocco.

Their Instagram feed will definitely make you want to fly to South Africa, buy a Land Cruiser and just go and drive to North. Jason and Liza are currently in Morocco.


Walking Across Africa From Cape Town to Cairo


instagram africa overland walking


And here is another extreme  Instagram account with photos from Africa we love to follow. Mario Rigby, a Canadian is on a expedition mission to Africa. Mario will attempt to traverse the African continent from Cape Town to Cairo only on foot, by sail or by paddle. Mario started his expedition in November 2015, he is currently still in South Africa.

According to his estimation, it will take him two years to successfully accomplish the mission. Follow him, he basically just started this amazing walk to Cairo. We also talked to Mario – read the interview about Crossing Africa on Foot


DR Congo and East Africa Through the Eyes of a Photojournalist


instagram dr congo photos


Ley Uwera, a freelance photojournalist based DR Congo is the Instagram account, where you will find realistic everyday photos from Congo and East Africa.

Candid portraits, street photography that will make you also think about life. She is oftentimes travelling around the continent so,  you might stumble upon photos from Senegal, Kenya, Rwanda and other countries, but always with the same concept. Keeping it real in each and every photo she posts. Beautiful!

  Want to upgrade your photography skills – Travel Photography Course


Vintage African Photos on Instagram


vintage africa photos instagram


This user is not entirely posting just photos from Africa, but the African part is amazing! If you find yourself ever thinking how Africa looked like decades ago, this is Instagram account to follow. Posting photos from his parents that travelled in Africa in 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s anywhere from Liberia, Ghana, Guinea, Uganda… Amazing street photography  and portraits from era of our parents.


Orphaned Elephants and Wildlife  in Kenya


instagram kenya wildlife david sheldrick trust

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

DSWT is  most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa. Its the place on Instagram where sad elephant stories get happy end.

Updates on saved animals and their recovering, very touching and heart warming! Those who are looking to contribute or support the trust, you have an option to foster orphaned elephant.


Angola in All its Beauty


instagram africa angola photos


Angola is still considered one of less travelled, exotic, mysterious countries of Africa. There is not much online to read from other travellers, nor to see much authentic travel photography from Angola. Jesse Manuel, a go pro photographer from Angola is showcasing Angolan beauty through stunning images of nature, landscape and people.

Have you ever imagined how beautiful Angola is? We havent  until we found this account.


Every Day Photos From Sudan


instagram africa photos sudan


Australian teacher living in Khartum. To be honest, this account made me decide to finally travel to Sudan as i did few months ago! Her insta feed is full of colorful street photos anywhere from Khartoum, river Nile,to deserts and historical landmarks markets, and places tourist will not see.


Every Day Photos From Somalia – Horn of Africa


instagram somalia photos


A girl from Somalia posting snapshots of daily life and street photography. After seeing her insta feed from Horn of Africa, on thing is for sure – country doesn’t look as dangerous as media wants us to believe!


Life in Kibera the Largest Urban Slum in Africa


instagram africa kibera photos kenya


Kibera Stories is run by freelance photojournalist based in Kibera.  Bryan is showcasing photos from all angles of  daily life in Kibera slum.


Life in Morocco Through Expats Eyes




Monika, a Polish girl living in Morocco. In this insta feed you will find anything Moroccan: moroccan food, riads, street photography, hand crafts and beyond.


Snapshots From Cairo and Egypt


instagram egypt photos


Bishoy  Ramzes is a guy who lives in Egypt and loves street photography. By glancing through his account you will definitely see  personal, intimate urban side of Cairo. He loves details!


Travel Photos From Ghana and Burkina Faso




Instagram account from Katja, occasional contributor on Safari Junkie. Katjas insta feed will take you to West Africa, the latest photos include many photos from Ghana and Burkina Faso.


Portraits of Kenyan Tribes


instagram africa tribe portraits photos


Norwegian lady living in Kenya. Beautiful insta feed of mainly portraits of Kenyan tribes, Turkana Tribe and hundreds of Maasai Portraits.


African Landscape and Hiking Trails


kenya instagram hiking photos


Martin Maura is Kenyan and hiking and nature enthusiast. In his insta feed you will fall in love with Kenyan nature, mountains and forests.


Kruger National Park Diaries




By young lady Safwanah Guman – a bush girl with big camera. This girl has probably been to Kruger so many times, she lost count long time ago. Great insta feed that will make happy all big cat lovers.


Snapshots from Nigeria


Instagram accounts capturing Everyday Africa nigeria


Indian living in Lagos, Nigeria. Awesome insta feed of street photos and portraits, mainly from Lagos!


Photos From Kenya


instagram africa kenya photos


Georgina Goodwin Award-winning Kenyan photographer documenting Africa’s depths, her people & environment.


Amazing Photos of Cape Town


instagram cape town photos africa


Cape Town native, with impressive photography of Cape Town and surrounding landscape!


Cape Town With Go Pro


instagram africa cape town photos


Young lady also from Cape Town is sharing her Go pro adventures in South Africa.



Dadaab Refugee Camp Through The Lens of Aid Worker


instagram kenya photos people


Not sure if she still works in refugee camp, right now you can see some nice safari photos and Nairobi. Scroll down in her insta feed to see photo stories from life in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

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Safaris and Adventures in Africa




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