25 07, 2015

Maasai Jumping Dance

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Tribal Dance Culture of Maasai People Masai people are probably one of the most known, famous and picturesque ethnic group in Africa. They are settled in spacious steppes of Kenya and northern Tanzania. They keep on loyalty of their tradition and there is much presented a romantic image of an »authentic African tribe«. Although, it [...]

19 02, 2015

Maasai Jewelry

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Every Piece of Maasai jewellery Tells a Story of Status, History, Wealth and Place in Life Massai are one of the most known tribes throughout the world. They live in vast areas of Kenya and Tanzania. Massai are known as very beautiful people as they are tall, slender and have soft features. Their clothes are [...]

13 02, 2015

Visiting Hadza Tribe in Lake Eyasi

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Hanging Out With Hadza Tribe in Tanzania If you plan to visit Hadza tribe in Lake Eyasi region in Tanzania, prepare for long, off road bumpy and dusty trip! Although we started our trip from Karatu it was the most exhausting ride I have ever experienced in Africa so far. Tarmac roads disappear, roads turn [...]

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