23 09, 2015

7 Tips to Avoid Scam in Egypt

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Once the hot spot of many travelers, Egypt has constantly been crossed out of the traveler’s list because of the safety concern. After the Arab Spring, Egypt’s tourism was nearly crushed down because of the increasing drop down in the number of tourists. Just when the tourism is showing its positive signal, the recent incident happening in the Western desert once makes the situation worse. Thus, scammers in Egypt are thirsty for foreign money than ever. Scamming is Egypt now becomes the international trouble for every single tourist visiting the country. Don’t let your dream trip turn out to be a nightmare by the scammers! The truth is, you can’t run from them or hide from them, but you can avoid them better with these tips.

20 09, 2015

Safety Guidelines for Travellers During Zanzibar Elections

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There are elections happening in Zanzibar on October 25th. Since there have been violent clashes in the past, watch out for rallies and too much political engagement. While you can enjoy your stay in Zanzibar without any hitches, watch out for a couple of things during your travels on the island.

7 09, 2015

How to Travel In Africa on a Tight Budget

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16 Money Saving Tips That Will Help You Save on Trip to Africa

30 08, 2015

Cheap Taxi on Zanzibar

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We Found Cheap Taxi on Zanzibar Looking for cheap taxi on Zanzibar? Read on. I am a type of person that when traveling and meet cheap and reliable as well as honest taxi driver, I take his number. Travelers that come with tour operators to Zanzibar have usually expensive transfers included in the price but those [...]

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