Practical Information About Public Transport and Accommodation  for Travelling to Tiébélé

I already wrote an article about traditional Kassena architecture and specifically about village of Tiébélé. In this Tiebele travel guide, I am giving some practical information about its position, how to get there and back, accommodation etc.

Tiebele Travel Guide Burkina Faso

Tiébélé village lies in the Southwestern part of Burkina Faso, close to the Northern Ghanaian border. From Paga border, there is only 50 km away to Tiébélé. This village lies in Nahouri province. The capital of Nahouri is Pô, which is a connection town for reaching Tiébélé. Interestingly, Tiébélé with around 60 000 residents is a home of Kassena chief and its nobility. Kassena people belong to the greater Gurunsi ethnic group, living in northern Ghana and southern Burkina Faso.

Tiebele Travel Guide Burkina Faso

Tiébélé is a remote and scattered village. Its biggest attraction for travelers are traditional mud houses with wall paintings. These paintings give the village special artistic and culture value and uniqueness.

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Most of natural wonders in Burkina Faso lie in the Western part of the country, which is far away from Tiébélé. But, once you are in Ouagadouou, Tiébélé will not be that far from you anymore, so do consider of going there for a short or longer time.

Burkina Faso Tiebele Travel Guide

Most of visitors stay in Tiebele two days (three nights) and so did I and I could see all around the village and its surroundings. But, some others also go there to relax and clear their mind. Tiébélé is a peaceful and tranquil place, distant from loud cities, roads and markets. Despite that, people are very welcoming, open and honest which will make you stay longer than planned.

Getting to Tiebele by Public Transport

Travelling to Tiebele from Ghana (Paga border)

If you are coming to Burkina Faso from Ghana, crossing Paga border, you should pay a visit to Tiébélé, since it lies almost on the way to Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso. From Ghanaian border Paga you have to reach Pô town first. The easiest way to reach Pô is by shared car.

Tiebele Travel Guide Burkina Faso Paga Border

There are quite many shared cars waiting for passengers just across the Ghana-Burkina border. A ride with shared car costs 2000 CFA and lasts 30 minutes. There is also a possibility of taking a bit cheaper minibus (taxi-brousse in French), but it can take ages until it gets full and departs.

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Once you reach Pô, try to find minibus to Tiébélé. In my case, it was not so easy. First, some people told me that on that day, I cannot get any transport to the village since it is quite late in the afternoon, plus, it was not a market day, so it means minibuses depart less frequently than on busy market days.

But, with a little help of locals, I could soon find a minibus that was about to leave to Tiébélé. It takes about 40 minutes by minibus from Pô to Tiébélé on a bumpy road and it costs 2000 CFA (for foreigners).

Tiebele Travel Guide Burkina Faso Paga Border travel by minibus

(Somebody offered me help with carrying my backpack for not more than 50 meters and at the end demanded money from me. Yes, even in a small place in Burkina people do ask for money in case of helping you with the luggage.)

Coming to Tiebele from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

There is only one bus going directly to Tiébélé three times per week (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday), departing from the bus station Ouagainter. It takes 3.5 hours. Another option is going to Pô first by bus or minibus and then from Pô to Tiébélé by minibus.

Going back from Tiébélé to Ouagadougou

A bus from Tiébélé to Ouagadougou leaves three times per week (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday) in the early mornings. Every day it goes from Tiébélé to Pô, more often on market days.

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Renting a Moped in Po or Tiebele

Like everywhere in Burkina Faso, it is also possible to rent a moped in Pô or Tiébélé. It will cost around 5000 CFA per day, not including fuel. If you know how to ride a moped, I think this is the best option, since you will be able to explore this stunning village and its surroundings on your own.

Where to Sleep in Tiebele

There are few guesthouses (Campement or Auberge) in the middle of the Tiebele village. I, for example, stayed in Auberge les manguiers, run by Frank (contact: 0022676617271). The guesthouse is basic, but tranquil and with a good atmosphere.

Rooms in traditional painted houses are small and simple, with fan, common outside toilet and bucket shower, meals and drinking water also available. A double room costs 5000 CFA. Frank can also arrange a day trip around the village and its proximity. One day trip around the village by motorbike with fuel, guide and entrance fees will cost you around 25000 CFA. For accommodation or arrangement of other activities you can contact either Frank either Association pour le développement de Tiébélé.



I did not arrange transport or accommodation in advance and I did not find bigger difficulties. When I asked people in Pô for transport to Tiébélé, one of them knew Frank, owner of the guesthouse.

He called him and told him about my visit to Tiébélé, so Frank came to meet me on the way just before reaching Tiébélé and took me to his guesthouse. So don’t hesitate to call one of the guesthouses or simply mention the driver of the minibus where you are heading to and he will stop the vehicle on the right place.

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