Things To Do When You Have 24 Hours in Nouakchott Mauritania

Nouakchott, Mauritania’s capital, might not be on one’s travel bucket list, but once you give it a chance to discover, it may happen it will slowly grow on you. This relatively young city – it was founded only two years before Mauritania’s independence – is actually very friendly and has a lot of charm.

In last years it is becoming more and more populated and consequently more lively. So, if you unexpectedly »get stuck« in this city or even if you plan to do so, you can easily make yourself busy for a day or two! Read on how to spend 24 Hours in Nouakchott Mauritania!


what to do in Noakchott Mauritania


Visit National Museum of Mauritania (Musée Nationale)

Visiting national museum is a good introduction to Mauritania’s history, its people and culture. Museum contains notable ethnological and archaeological collections as well as galleries that showcase collections of costumes, sherds, and arrowheads. The building is labelled as the Ministry of Culture.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 8am to 3.30pm.

Visit Nouakchott Market – Marché Capitale

March the biggest market in Nouakchott. You might find it quite messy but you will indeed enjoy friendly atmosphere around the stalls, where you can find a bit of everything. But if you are looking for a souvenir shopping, better head to either Artisans Shops either Zein Art Gallery.

what to do in Noakchott Mauritania Marche capitale


Don’t Skip Fish Market

Fish market in Nouakchott is one of the biggest and busiest in West Africa. Therefore, for sure it is the biggest attraction in Nouakchott. The best time of the day for visiting is early morning at dawn or at sunset. Not only because of nicer views at the sea, but more because of the happening at the beach.


what to do in Noakchott Mauritania fish market

These parts of the days are the most dynamic since fishermen start with fishing and in return in the evening. They work in groups and help each other. Bringing pirogues back from the sea is an interesting ritual. Do not miss it if you come there in the evening!

Note: in case you want to take a photo of women or fishermen, ask them for a permission.


what to do in Noakchott Mauritania beach

Grand Mosque

Locals call it Mosque Saudique. Interesting to see, since as a foreigner you can also explore the interior. Exterior is attractive especially because of two tall and slim minarets, which are seen far from the other parts of the city.

Friday Mosque

You can stop at the mosque when on the way from or to the airport. What makes it interesting is its white facade which can be invisible in sunny days, but when visible. Like to Grand Mosque, visitors are allowed to enter, but not during praying time. Women have to cover their heads and enter dressed appropriately.


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