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Posted by Safari Junkie on Friday, August 7, 2015


Rwanda teaser video. Hope we can inspire you to travel to Africa. Join Safari Junkie – a blog written from Africa addicts!

Posted by Safari Junkie on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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Travel to Tarangire National Park? Use our free travel guide and Tarangire reviews to learn about Tarangire's wildlife, best time to visit, climate & more.

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At some point every traveller to Tanzania ends up in Moshi. Many visitors use Moshi as Kilimanjaro climbing base city, while I like to come back for all the side trips  Kilimanjaro area offers. [...]

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Irente View Cliff Lodge owns probably the best location in Lushoto - you come to Usambara for chameleons, spectacular views and untainted rural Tanzania.

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Reasons You Should Visit East Coast on Zanzibar Whenever I visit Zanzibar my first beach destination used to be Nungwi or Kendwa in the north of the island for many years. Those areas are [...]

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Tanzania One Week Itinerary Ideas

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How to Do Safari to Masai Mara on a Budget Safari to Masai Mara was everything that it promised to be, without the crazy price tag. [...]

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The most expensive hour in my life! Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is one of the top things to do in Africa and after seeing the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, you will forget the sky rocket price. Read trip report from gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

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Pick up Some Moroccan Darija Travel Phrases for Your Next Trip to Morocco! I’ve been to different countries, seen different cultures, faced different traditions and heard different languages. Experience taught me that it is [...]

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Couchsurfing in Africa

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Do you feel terrified if you think of couchsurfing in Africa? Would you dare to do it? Some of us did it and here is our experience. Thanks to fellow bloggers and African addicts, hope this post will encourage you to use couchsurfing in Africa not because it is free, but allows you to go local.

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Couchsurfing in Sudan With Local Family

January 5th, 2017|10 Comments

How I Spent One Month in Khartoum With Local Family There is a Slavic saying about hospitality that in English translation goes something like this: three days is plenty for any guest to stay. [...]


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Kilimanjaro Trekking Guide – All You Need to Know to Climb Roof of Africa

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FAQ About Kilimanjaro Climb in Tanzania Are you planning a Kilimanjaro climbing adventure? Those who do take it seriously, usually have many questions about safety, organization of Kilimanjaro climb, [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Zanzibar Beaches

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If planning a break on Zanzibar for the first time, the biggest dilemma occurs which beach on Zanzibar to choose. Should you stay North or rather choose (North / South) East coast of Zanzibar? What are the differences between Zanzibar beaches?

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Sudan Travel Guide

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SudanTravel Guide - What to see in Sudan, what to do in Sudan and all useful travel tips for first time travellers to Sudan.

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Travel Guide to Ukerewe Island on Victoria Lake

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Travel Guide to Ukerewe Island on Victoria Lake- practical first hand information on how to reach Ukerewe Island from Mwanza, Tanzania.

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Guide to Public Transport in Ghana

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How Does it Look Like Climbing Kilimanjaro - first hand introduction behind the scenes of Kilimanjaro trekking.

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Tiebele Travel Guide

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Practical Information About Public Transport and Accommodation  for Travelling to Tiébélé I already wrote an article about traditional Kassena architecture and specifically about village of Tiébélé. In this Tiebele travel guide, I [...]

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Quick Travel Guide to Mombasa

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Quick Travel Guide to Mombasa for First Time Travellers The town of Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city, East Africa’s largest port, and the country’s biggest tourist hub. The town is [...]

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Where to Look for Good Reliable Kilimanjaro Tours and Guides

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Soon? For some, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is another check box on a “to do” list. For others Kilimanjaro is once a lifetime experience with high hopes [...]

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Dont be ignorant traveller! Read DOs and DONTs in Ghana - guide Ghanian etiquette, to local customs and things not to do or say while travelling in Ghana.

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Tamale is a great introduction to get to know Northern Ghanaian culture, which is much different from cultures in the Southern part of the country. Read what to do, see and where to go in Tamale Ghana, even if you have a day to explore.

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What to do if you spend only few time in Zanzibar? Explore the Southern part of Zanzibar with a 24 hour visit which includes dolphins, abandoned beach hotels, fishing villages, restaurants on rocks, snorkeling, sunset and party.